DIY herb garden idea – Grow a herbal tea garden in a large pot at home


If you are a fan of fresh herbal teas, then you will appreciate this lovely DIY herb garden idea. Your tea would be much more delicious and will provide you with joy. The tea garden in a container looks really decorative and will bring good energy into your home.

DIY herb garden in a large pot

indoor diy herb garden idea home large container zen decor

Materials:  a large container ( here 50 x 20 cm) for the mini herb garden, fertilized black soil, expanded clay pebbles, fine wood shavings, brown pebbles, white pebbles, a small shovel, mini rake, scissors, fine plastic mesh.

Seedlings of your favorite herbal tea plants like lemongrass (reduce stress, diuretic and digestive aid), melissa also known as lemon balm (combats acts on anxiety, depression and moodiness), peppermint (reduces fever, a natural expectorant, improves the brain function), Bilberry (digestive and good for liver disorders), pennyroyal (digestive, effective for intestinal cramps, gas, colds), and fennel ( soothing for stomach ailments and cramps).

Materials for our DIY herb garden

diy herb garden idea indoor apartment planter materials

Here we chose a large black onyx round bowl. It is believed that this stone brings power and prosperity at work and absorbs negative energies from the environment. The planting of the tea garden can be done at any time of the year, but the ideal period is of course in spring – summer. Remember that the container should receive at least two hours of sunshine a day.

diy herb tea garden idea large planter expanded clay pebbles drainage

The first step is to pour the expanded clay in the container so that it covers the bottom.

diy herb garden idea tea garden tutorial plastic mesh container

Then measure the size of the plastic mesh that will be cut in the form and size of our container.

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Cover the expanded clay with the mesh. This will allow the plant to breathe better without getting drenched with water. Fill the pot with 2/3 of soil.

diy herb garden idea fertilized black soil large container

indoor herb garden idea herbal tea plants container black bowl

Before planting the seedlings, you can make a layout of the design you want to give to the garden. With the seedlings on the ground, you can decide more clearly where you want each plant, visualizing how the final design will look like.

diy herb garden idea grow tea plants herbal tea container

The remove the plastic and plant all the seedlings in the ground, one by one.

indoor herb garden idea peppermint plant container

Cut the leaves that are dry so that the plant can grow strong and lush.

diy herb garden idea black soil large planter grow

To finish off the DIY herb garden, cover the soil to prevent it from sun drying. In this case, we used fine wood chips and white pebble stones, which highlight the color of the plants and give movement to the design by forming a path.

creative indoor herb garden zen atmosphere wood shavings white pebbles

Your tea herb garden is ready. To keep it fresh and beautiful moisten the soil when it’s dry – in the morning or late afternoon. Spray water on the leaves and water the soil with a watering can. Do not forget that your herb garden should receive at least two hours of sunlight per day. Therefore, place the pot in a bright place or on the windowsill. With the proper care your tea garden should survive for a long time.

diy herb garden idea indoor kitchen tea apartment

diy herb garden large container herbal tea fresh