DIY Clay Pot Animals – Crafty Ideas for Your Garden

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best DIY clay pot animals crafts, including dogs, squirrels, cows, bunnies, pigs, horses, cats, reindeer, ladybugs, bees, bears, and foxes. So grab your clay pots and let’s get crafting!

In the world of gardening and crafting, there’s a delightful trend taking root: DIY clay pot animals. These charming creations offer a whimsical touch to any outdoor or indoor space, infusing it with personality and creativity. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or just starting out, these projects are bound to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

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Getting Started: Basics of DIY Clay Pot Animals

Before we dive into the specific animal crafts, let’s talk about the basics. Crafting DIY clay pot animals requires minimal materials:

  • Clay pots in various sizes
  • Acrylic paint in assorted colors
  • Paintbrushes (thin for detailed work, broader for larger areas)
  • Rope or twine for attaching parts
  • Optional: markers for precise outlines, foam sheets for additional details, faux fur for texture

These projects are not only easy, but also incredibly rewarding, allowing you to customize your garden decor according to your tastes and preferences.

ladybug and bee made out of clay pots
Instagram @adri.cser

Crafting Your Clay Pot Animals: Step-by-Step Guide

The process of crafting clay pot animals follows a basic template that can be adapted for various designs. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Prepare the Pots: Many figurines are made with two large clay pot for the body and the head (6″), with four mini pots (2″) serving as hands and feet attached with rope to the body.
2. Painting: Begin by painting the head pot, using acrylic paints. Draw an outline for the face with a pencil. Then, use a thin paintbrush and acrylic paints to create the desired features such as eyes, nose, and mouth. For intricate details, you can use markers for precise outlines. Next, paint the body pot, followed by the smaller pots designated for the arms and legs.

Seal your creations: Once you’ve finished painting your clay pot animals, be sure to seal them with a clear sealant spray to protect them from the elements.


3. Assembling the Figurine: Once the paint has dried, it’s time to assemble the clay pot animal. Take 2 ropes for arms and 2 for legs. Make a double knot and pass the rope through the mini pots. Make another knot to secure. Repeat for all four.

Keep the arm next to the body. Mark the rope where it meets the center of the body. Tie both the arms together to the mark. Place it on the body and check if it’s even. Pass the ropes into the head from the bottom. Take a blocker like a piece of wood or stone. Secure the ropes to the blocker.

Pass the leg ropes to the body. Mark the rope based on where you want to see the legs. Secure the ropes to a blocker. Pass the leg ropes into the body from the bottom and then through the head. Secure the ropes to the blocker.

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4. Adding Details: To enhance the charm of your clay pot animal, consider adding additional details such as ears, tails, and facial features using foam sheets, felt, or other crafting materials. These embellishments bring your creation to life and make it truly unique.

Flower Pot Animals Face Drawing Ideas

cute face for drawing on flower pots

If you can’t draw cute faces by yourself, you can use a printed template and a piece of carbon paper to transfer the drawing onto the flower pot. In this video, you can see how it’s made.

Put the shiny side down to the pot surfpace and take a ballpoint pen to trace over the lines. The tricky part here is to make sure the template is the right size that fits to the pot. So measure and make adjustments in advance.

You can find more cute templates in this post.

Flower Pot Animals Face Drawing Ideas Cute Cat Template with Whiskers (1)

Flower pot animals to make

Now, let’s explore some adorable clay pot animal crafts that you can easily recreate to adorn your garden or home decor.

dog sculptures made out of clay flower pots
Instagram @jules_kreativecke, @laura_handmade_decor


Who let the dogs out? You can with this adorable clay pot craft! You can make a basic version with only two large pots and add details such as foam ears, eyes, and a nose using acrylic paint. Or, for a more intricate project, craft this adorable dachshund.

dachshund dog cute animals made out of clay pots

The head is made from two pots nested inside one another, while the body consists of two larger pots glued bottom to bottom. The legs can be made from four mini pots. For the nose, you can use an old doorknob, and the ears and tail can be fashioned from foam sheets. These last highlights add an extra level of charm to your clay pot canine creation.

cute clay pot cat painting ideas
Instagram @merondecor_, @ajandekcsomagolobolt


This craft is also very easy to make. Start by painting a medium-sized clay pot in your favorite feline color, whether it’s tabby stripes, grey, or sleek black. Use strokes to create a furry look, leaving the tummy one shade lighter for added depth and realism. Assemble the figurine by stacking the pots to form the cat’s body, and tie the rope with the smaller pots to create the legs and arms . Add on details like eyes, a nose, and whiskers using paint or markers. Your garden will be purr-fectly charming with this little kitty around, adding a playful and endearing touch to your outdoor space. And for a more intricate project you can try making this cute Silvester cat.

cute planter pot squirrel
Instagram @adrizek


Nuts about squirrels? This clay pot craft is for you! Start with two large pots for the head and body, and paint them brown. Once dry, paint a cute face to bring your squirrel to life. Then, use mini clay pots for the arms and legs. Add on adorable fluffy details for the tail and ears using faux fur pieces. This simple yet charming project will have your garden buzzing with delight.

cute clay pot cow ideas
Instagram @cserepvarazs, @_varganikoletta_04


Moo-ve over, boring garden decor! This clay pot cow craft is udderly adorable. Start with two medium-sized pots painted white, and add black spots once dry for that classic cow look. Then, use similarly painted black and white mini clay pots and rope to create the cow’s arms and legs. Finish off with a sweet face and maybe even add a bell around its neck for that extra farmyard charm.

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cute easter bunnies made out of flower clay pots
Instagram @adrizek


Hop into spring with this charming clay pot bunny craft! Begin your pottery painting session by coating two medium-sized pots with paint in a light gray pastel color. Add on details like eyes, a nose, and whiskers using paint or markers, and glue on foam ears for that extra touch of realism. Then, use four mini clay pots and rope to create the bunny’s arms and legs, giving it a whimsical pose. Don’t forget to give your bunny a fluffy tail for maximum cuteness!

cute planter pot pig
Instagram @ivanicsneolgi


Oink, oink! This clay pot pig craft is too cute to resist. Kick off your project by painting a duo of medium-sized pots pink. Once dry, paint on some eyes, a snout, and rosy cheeks for that classic piggy look. Then, using four small clay pots and rope craft both pig’s arms and legs. Add on details like ears using light pink felt and a curly tail using a pipe cleaner.

And here is another piggy version using polymer clay.

reindeer figurines made out of clay pots
Instagram @__tundekert__, @cserepvarazs


Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen have nothing on this clay pot reindeer craft! Start by painting the pots in dark brown, adding a lighter brown shade on the largest pot for the tummy to create contrast and depth. Once dry, paint a cute face on the medium-sized pot. Add on some ears and antlers using foam sheet or twigs for a rustic touch. For fluffy accents, add faux fur around the neck, arms, and legs, giving your reindeer a cozy and adorable look. This charming craft will bring the spirit of the season to your garden or home decor.

cute clay pot horse ideas
Instagram @blumen_meissen, @madleensbastelzauber


Giddy up, crafters! This clay pot horse craft is perfect for horse lovers of all ages. You’ll need one large flower pot for the body, one medium for the head, and five smaller ones for the neck and legs. Start by painting the pots in your desired horse color, whether it’s brown, black, or even a majestic white with brown spots. Once dry, glue the pieces together as shown, stacking them to create the horse’s form. Add on details like a mane made from natural jute twine or raffia for a rustic touch. Craft foam can be used to create the ears, and you can fashion a horse bridle using black ribbon for that extra bit of realism. Your garden will be galloping with style!

ladybug painted clay pot figurine
Instagram @laura_handmade_decor

Ladybug and Bee Crafts

Bring some buzz to your garden with these adorable clay pot ladybug and bee crafts! For the ladybug, first mark a triangle on the front of the clay pot to resemble a dress. Then, paint the pot red and allow it to dry completely. Once dry, add black spots to complete the ladybug’s adorable look. Attach googly eyes and antennae made from foam sheet or pipe cleaners for a delightful finishing touch.

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terracotta bee plant pot
Instagram @__tundekert__

For the bee, paint a small clay pot yellow and add black stripes once dry. You can use painter’s tape to make perfect stripes. Attach googly eyes and antennae made from foam sheet or pipe cleaners, and maybe even some paper wings for extra flair.

white bunny and brown bear made out of clay pots (1)
Instagram @__tundekert__


Let’s craft a cuddly bear for your garden or home decor! Start by painting all pots brown and allow them to dry completely. Once dry, paint the face on the largest pot, adding on some cute bear ears using felt or foam. You can even include a honey pot for that extra touch of sweetness. Assemble the pots to bring your bear to life.

fox clay pot sculpture
Instagram @adrizek


What does the fox say? Craft with me! Start by painting two medium-sized clay pots orange and adding on some white accents for the fox’s belly and face. Then, use smaller clay pots and rope to create the fox’s head and legs. Paint on details like eyes, a nose, and maybe even a fluffy tail using faux fur. Your garden will be fox-tastically adorable with this crafty critter around.

cute hedgehog ideas made of clay pots and bowl
Instagram @zsuzsa.kovacs.735, @kayascha


Let’s make a cute hedgehog! Start with a terracotta bowl as the body of your hedgehog. Then, gather lots of mini clay pots to serve as the hedgehog’s needles. Paint them a dark brown color to resemble the prickly spikes. For the face, create a small cone shape from paper and attach it to the front of the bowl. Add googly eyes and a little nose for personality. Finally, give your hedgehog some character by attaching raffia for hair on top of the paper cone.

And if you have another clay bowl on hand, you can check out this cute frog prince as well.

cute clay planter pot giraffe
Instagram @christys_creative


Bring the majestic beauty of the savannah to your garden with a delightful giraffe clay pot craft! To start, gather one large clay pot for the body, one medium pot for the head, and four mini pots for the feet, along with a long stick for the neck.

Begin by painting all the pots in a sunny yellow hue, applying a few thin layers until you achieve full coverage. Once dry, use a brush and brown paint to add spots to the body and neck, mimicking the giraffe’s iconic pattern.

Next, carefully draw on eyes to give your giraffe a friendly expression. Cut out ears from foam sheet and affix them to the head as shown, using adhesive.

Now, let’s bring our giraffe to life! Assemble the giraffe’s body by securely attaching the four mini pots for the legs, ensuring stability. Then, affix the large pot atop the legs using Loctite Power Glue or E6000 adhesive.

For the finishing touches, create the giraffe’s graceful antennae. Utilize a pair of bamboo sticks with two balls glued on to resemble ossicones. Attach them securely to the top of the giraffe’s head.

And there you have it! A menagerie of adorable clay pot animals to bring some charm to your garden or indoor space. Whether you’re a dog lover, a cat person, or somewhere in between, there’s a clay pot animals craft for everyone!