22 DIY concrete projects and creative ideas for your garden and patio


Concrete is not just a building material. With it, you can create wonderful works of art, too. The advantage: They will be waterproof, weather-resistant and very easy to make. Take a look at our small collection of amazing DIY concrete projects that would make your patio more appealing.

Creative DIY concrete projects

diy concrete stepping stones lace pattern garden decor

If you have anyway some concrete mix, one can make something beautiful such as weatherproof table decorations for your patio. A heavy rain or strong wind won’t harm or turn over a concrete candleholder or planter. But the possibilities for this versatile material don’t end here. You can also make birdbaths, stepping stones, tabletops and fire bowls. Find some inspirations in these creative projects below.

How to make cement leaves garden art

diy concrete outdoor decor ideas garden rhubarb leaf moulds

diy concrete projects moulds bird bath rhubarb leaf mould

You need an undamaged rhubarb leaf, sand and concrete mix. Place the leaf on the tapped, moistened pile of sand. Apply the concrete mix on the leaf. Spread quickly before it hardens. After it hardens, turn over carefully and remove the true leaf. With a glaze of cooking oil, the rhubarb leaf can be very easily removed from the concrete. Otherwise, the leaf can stick to the concrete and may have to be brushed off with difficulty.

Concrete side table for your patio

diy table top concrete leaves moulds tutorial

You need to find some leaves of elephant’s еаr and an old table without a tabletop. Before the mold is filled, arrange the greenery on a plexiglas base. Stir sand into the concrete mixture and hide a layer of mesh to supply the necessary reinforcement.

Discover some more interesting DIY projects using concrete and molds!

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diy concrete project patio candleholder ivy decoration

diy concrete candlestick milk carton box mould ivy decor

diy concrete projects ideas candle holder milk carton tape

diy concrete ideas star stick decor hydrangea planter

 concrete projects magic wand star mould planter decor

handmade outdoor decor concrete moulds rhubarb leaves

garden decor heart shaped concrete mold succulent planter

diy stepping stones garden concrete big leaves moulds

diy garden path stepping stones leaves forms concrete

diy garden decor concrete sculptures ideas patio leaf snail

diy garden decor concrete cake mold succulents

diy garden decor concrete cake mould ivy decor seashells

diy deck decor ideas fire bowl concrete mould

diy concrete projects ideas patio molds candle holder vines

diy concrete planter glass mosaic decor ideas patio

diy concrete molds ideas sea-themed star fish

diy concrete garden decor ideas rhubarb leaf water

diy concrete decorations outdoor planters containers

diy concrete candlestick star-shaped pink candle

diy concrete candle holder cupcake molds tea candles

diy concrete base glass candle holder patio table centerpiece

concrete hearts garden patio deck decor ideas

diy concrete projects ideas patio decor bowls moulds

diy concrete projects front porch patio house number ivy decor