Decorating flower pots – An easy and colorful DIY idea with fabric

Don’t you get excited about this time of the year with lots of sunshine and warm weather? In the spring, it’s time for some refreshing craft projects and a cool flower pots makeover. There are plenty of ways to dress them up but this idea for decorating flower pots is probably one of the easiest. All you need is a small clay flower pot, unused fabric wastes, white glue, brushes, waterproofing spray, white latex paint and masking tape.

Decorating flower pots – What you need:

flower pots decor ideas fabric diy spring crafts materials

Decorating flower pots – Start doing the project

diy flower pots ideas decorations fabric clay pot wrapped

1. First wrap the little pot with the piece of fabric to get an idea if the piece is large enough to cover it. Then cut in the most suitable size.

decorating flower pots easy diy idea decoupage fabric terra cotta

2. Before starting the coating, glue the bottom of the flower pot with tape and then paint it with white acrylic paint in order to make the surface uniform and neutral. We do this to avoid an interference in the color of the fabric and in the end result. Remove the tape.

decorating flower pots ideas tutorial fabric wrapped floral pattern

3. Once the paint is dry, apply white glue in vertical lines and paste the fabric on it. Do it slowly and stretch the fabric a bit to avoid crinkles.

decorating flower pots ideas diy tutorial fabric

4. To finish, make a kind of wrapping and fix it with white glue.

decorating flower pots easy diy idea tutorial fabric flower pattern

5. Cut with scissors the leftover fabric and, if necessary, apply a little more glue along the edges of the flower pot.

diy flower pots decor easy idea tutorial fabric clay pot spray

6. Then, pass the waterproofing spray over the surface to give the final finish and protection.

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decorating flower pots easy diy ideas fabric floral spring pattern

7. See how beautiful is the result of our project for decorating flower pots!

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