Cool wind chime craft – Reusing old CDs for garden decoration


Do you have a stack of old CDs that you don’t use anymore? Reuse them again by making this fun wind chime craft project with your kids. With these shiny ornaments, you can decorate your porch or the trees in the garden. They will reflect magically in the sunlight and play with the wind all summer long.

Materials Needed for Your CD Wind Chime Craft

diy reuse old cd wind chime craft project garden decor ornaments

  • Old CDs and DVDs
  • Aluminum foil for wrapping food
  • A strong adhesive (such as glue for wood and fabric)
  • Colorless cord
  • Scissors
  • A needle
  • Silver or decorative items made of clear glass such as beads, pom poms, mirrored mosaic tiles
  • Wire and pliers.

Crafting Your Wind Chime: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Preparing the CDs and DVDs

Begin by examining your collection of CDs and DVDs. Even if they’re scratched or frosted, don’t despair – they can still serve as the foundation for your wind chime. If necessary, glue two CDs together to ensure that only the shiny sides remain visible.

handmade ornaments summer garden decoration wind chime craft project

Step 2: Creating Decorative Elements with Aluminum Foil

Shape pieces of aluminum foil into elongated strips and balls. Experiment with different shapes and motifs, such as stars, eyes, and sunbursts. Apply a strong adhesive to the bottom side of the CDs and affix the aluminum foil decorations securely to the surface.

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Use a strong glue to keep the foil in place and well fixed to the smooth disc surface. The glue dries slowly, so we have enough time to make the other decorations for our project.

how to upcycle old cds dvds cool wind chime craft project

Step 3: Selecting Decorative Accents

Invite children to participate in the creative process by selecting decorative accents for the CD wind chime.

Thread fluffy pom-poms, stars, beads, and other embellishments onto colorless cord using a needle and secure them to the aluminum foil designs.

recycle old compact discs wind chime craft project

Step 4: Assembling the Wind Chime

Attach the decorated CDs to the cords, ensuring each string is balanced and well-arranged. Connect each string to a central CD that will serve as the base of the wind chime.

Once assembled, your wind chime is ready to be showcased in the garden or nursery.

diy outdoor decoration idea wind chime craft project

The burst of colors and light reflections will be very interesting for the kids and will stimulate their imagination. These types of ornaments are also suitable for children’s birthday celebrations and outdoor party.

diy handmade garden wind bells wind chime craft project

diy garden decoration old cd wind chime craft project