Easy summer DIY fashion projects – A chic braided and wide corset belt

The summer DIY fashion projects are so much fun! Bright colours and glittering jewels. These two are combined in this lovely accessories – a wide turquose and a braided pink belt. Learn how to make them with these step by step tutorials.

  Summer DIY fashion projects – Materials used for the wide belt

diy corset belt turquoise summer project materials

• Leather dyed in turquoise color
•  Leather punches No. 1 and No. 3
• Rivets in old-gold color
• Eyelets in old-gold color
• Setting tool for eyelets and rivets
• Suede Cord 3.5 meters
• Hammer
• Fabric and elastic
• Piece of wood
• Scissors
• Template


diy wide corset belt template pencil scissors hearts

First make yourself an exact template ot the belt.

diy summer fashion accessoires hammer holes leather punches

Wrap the end of the hammer with the fabric and secure with elastic. Upside down, place the leather on the wood and on top of it place the template. With the No. 1 punch drill there, where the rivets must be and with No.3 on the place for the eyelets.

diy summer project fashion accessoires rivets hearts

Place the rivets with the pressing tool or with the hammer to form the heart. And the eyeleds on the both sides.


diy summer farshion project eyelets ribbon pass

On the side where the holes are close, pass a piece of suede cord and tie a knot to decorate and fasten. Then pass the string on the other side. It will unite the both parts of the belt and serve for tiying the belt at the waist.

diy turquoise wide belt hearts rivets suede cord

Note: We used a leather in another color just to illustrate the step by step tutorial.

summer DIY fashion projects accessories wide turquoise belt corset


The accessories can make the outfit so don’t miss to check out also this cute idea for summer DIY fashion projects.

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summer DIY fashion projects accessories braided belt broach