DIY Hat Decoration: 10 Creative Ideas to Customize Your Straw Hat


After days of relentless rain, the sun finally shines brightly, ushering in the promise of a hot and vibrant summer. To help you embrace the sunny season in style, we’ve curated some exciting DIY summer craft ideas. One essential accessory that never goes out of fashion is the straw hat. With the following creative tips, you’ll learn how to transform a plain straw hat into a chic and personalized accessory that complements any outfit.

Why Choose a Straw Hat?

summer crafts summer straw hat decorations makeover

Plain straw hats are a staple in many stores in the summer, celebrated for their trendy and stylish appeal. Often sold with a simple band, these hats offer the perfect canvas for personalization. Most of the materials needed for these decorative ideas can be found in your closet or jewelry box. With a little imagination and some spare time, you can create a unique and fashionable summer hat.

How to decorate a hat with ribbons and bows

decorating summer straw hat ribbons diy fashion

Cute bows are an elegant and simple way to add charm to your straw hat. Select designs and colors that complement your outfit. Satin, grosgrain, or even velvet ribbons work well. Use a hot glue gun or fabric glue to secure the bow on the side of the hat. For a temporary option, you can pin it in place with small safety pins.

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Decorating straw hats with flowers

jazz up fashionable straw hat flower pins summer fashion ideas

Floral embellishments are a fantastic way to add another portion of summery feel to your straw hat. You can use artificial flower pins for a long-lasting accessory.  You can even make your own stylish leather flowers by following the steps in this article.

Yarn, Rope or Shoelaces

diy summer craft ideas decorate summer straw hat yarn shoelaces

For a rustic yet chic look, consider using yarn, rope, or even colorful shoelaces. Wrap these materials around the hat’s band and secure them with knots, glue or small stitches. Mixing different textures and colors can create a bohemian vibe that’s perfect for summer outings. You can create interesting patterns by weaving or braiding the material before attaching it to the hat.

 Hair Clips, Bows and other Hair Accessoires

summer straw jazz up fashionable ideas straw hat hair accessories

Repurpose your hair accessories to give your straw hat a unique look. Simply clip or pin these on the side of the hat. And the best part: they can be easily changed, allowing you to match your hat with different outfits effortlessly.

Beaded Necklaces

summer straw hat diy fashion ideas necklaces

Beaded necklaces can add a touch of bohemian flair to your hat. Wrap the necklace around the base of the hat’s crown and secure it in place using small safety pins.


summer straw hat decorations ideas scarves

Scarves are another versatile accessory for decorating your straw hat. Wrap a colorful scarf around the base of the hat and tie it into a knot or bow. The ends of the scarf can be left hanging or tucked neatly under the band.

Edging ribbons and lace trim

summer fashion ideas edgings laces decorate summer straw hat

For a more delicate touch, consider adding edging ribbons or lace trim to the brim of your straw hat. Measure the circumference of the hat’s brim and cut the trim accordingly. These materials can be sewn or glued around the base of the hat.

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Brooches and pins

summer fashion crafts straw hat ideas brooches

Brooches and pins are excellent for adding a vintage charm to your straw hat. Attach one large brooch or a collection of small pins to the hat’s band. This decoration method allows you to showcase your personal collection of vintage pieces and gives your hat a unique and nostalgic appeal.

Hair bands

summer diy fashion ideas straw hat hair bands flower laces

Slip a colorful hair band over the hat’s base for a quick and easy transformation. This method is particularly useful for adding a pop of color or pattern without permanently altering the hat.


summer crafts ideas straw hat decorate belts

Using belts to decorate your straw hat can create a bold and modern look. Choose a thin belt that fits around the base of the hat and secure it with the buckle.

jazz up summer straw hat faux flower brooch