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DIY summer project – Bag unwraps into beach towel blanket with pillow

Outside, in the midst of spring, trees bloom and the sun brings each day more and more heat. It’s time to think about the summer holiday and our beach accessories. This cool tutorial is going to show you how to sew a beach towel blanket with comfy pillow into a practical bag with pockets for your sunscreen and favorite book.

DIY beach towel blanket with a pillow

beach towel blanket diy tote bag summer project


It’s really a very simple project, and it should be easy also for beginners in sewing. You will need two towels (old or new) and a pillow. Take one towel and place it near your pillow. Cut the towel so that it is the same width as the pillow, but with a small allowance (you can crop it later if necessary).

DIY beach towel blanket tutorial

beach towel blanket tutorial diy sewing


Take a second towel and wrap it around your pillow. Leave a small allowance from the towels along the bottom of the cushion. You can use the trimmings for the bag handles. Remove the pillow and sew the first side seam, then sew the second towel to the bottom of the cushion.

beach blanket diy summer sewing project tutorial

diy beach blanket sewing project pins


beach towel wrap around pillow project


beach towel blanket tutorial diy sewing


Now for the edging! Six pieces of fabric, all sewed together. Fold the strips in half, lengthwise, and cut straight down the middle. You should get 2 edge. Fold them in half and iron. Then fold the edges in additional 1 cm and iron. Sew on each side of our edges.

beach blanket edgings colourful dots

 beach towel blanket sewing edgings

beach blanket tote bag sweing tutorial

 diy summer beach blanket folding edgings

towel blanket sewing edgings iron

beach towel blanket sewing edgings


Now wrap all in a roll to specify the location to which to sew pockets and bag handles and mark them with pins. Take the cuttings from the towel, which we have alrwady trimmed to make the pillowcase. The size of the handles depends on you. These are 78 cm long and 15 cm wide. Sew the handles, pockets, buttons and loops. Ta da! Your DIY beach towel blanket is ready!

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diy beach blanket pocket colourful idea


diy beach blanket sewing summer project pockets


diy beach blanket sewing bag handles


beach towel blanket bag handles sewing tutorial


diy sewing project beach blanket summer


diy summer project beach blanket buttons


towel blanket project button loops


towel blanket project button loops


diy beach blanket summer project bag pockets

beach towel blanket wrap bag pockets


bag unwraps into beach blanket reuse old towel