DIY shoes makeover idea – Decorate old sneakers with lace


To decorate your own shoes in different ways has been a popular trend for a while. You can either create an unique design on a new but plain pair of shoes, or to give a nice makeover to your old ones. You can use rhinestones, gold paint for the shoe toes, a paint marker, glitter and all kinds of embellishments. One of the options we really like is this DIY shoes makeover idea here – with lace. This fabric gives a more romantic touch to a casual outfit. If you like it, just follow the steps from the tutorial.

DIY shoes makeover idea

How to decorate an old pair of sneakers

step by step tutorial used materials diy shoes makeover idea

• A pair of old sneakers
• a piece of lace fabric
• fabric adhesive
• a cutter
• scissors

lace gluing diy shoes makeover idea handmade fashion design

Start by applying glue on the edges and tips of the shoe.

handmade flimsy refreshment diy shoes makeover idea lace decoration

Then apply adhesive on the entire surface which will be decorated.

surface preparation diy shoes makeover idea custom made design

Press the lace to the surface of the shoe until it sticks well from all sides.

how to recycle and refresh old sneakers diy shoes makeover idea


lace design renovation diy shoes makeover idea summer fashion idea

If you wish, you can decorate the back of the shoes as well.

old sneaks refreshment diy shoes makeover idea scissors cut excess

Use the scissors or a cutter to cut off the excess. Apply a little more glue on the edges and wait a few minutes to dry.

lace renovation diy shoes makeover idea old sneakers decoration


old sneakers own design diy shoes makeover idea recycle and decoration

Now you have a pair of very fashionable recycled shoes.

Now you know how to decorate old shoes with lace, try also decorating with other techniques such as nail polish, rhinestones and spray paint. Can you think of another idea to decorate shoes?