DIY shoes ideas – Hand painted sneakers with black kitten silhouettes


Have you ever wanted to be a designer? To create shoes that strike everybody with their style and uniqueness? Now you can create beautiful designs with these DIY shoes ideas. You can pimp up a pair of plain canvas sneakers using markers, paints, sequins, studs, rhinestones. For starting we’re offering you to make these glamorous sneakers with black kitten silhouettes and paws

DIY shoes ideas – Canvas sneakers with kitten silhouettes

diy shoes ideas canvas sneakers black cats silhouettes flat rhinestones


So, you need canvas shoes, a black marker, silver and black acrylic paint for painting on fabrics, glitter, glue, small clear flat rhinestones, a paint brush and beads.

diy shoes ideas hand painted sneakers kitten silhouettes marker
Use the black marker to draw an image on the white sneakers, in this case, we have cats silhouette.

diy painted shoes marker draw kittens

Contour of the figures with a silver acrylic paint

hand painted diy canvas sneakers kitten paws
Fill in with black acrylic paint or just with the marker

diy shoes ideas black cats paws sneakers marker


Glue the rhinestones like if they are the cats collar

diy shoes canvas sneakers cats flat clear rhinestones
Enhance the contour with 3D glitter paint

diy shoes ideas canvas sneakers 3d glitter paint silver
Thread the beads on the shoe laces

diy canvas sneakers cats paws shoe laces beads

And we are ready! They look cute, aren’t they?

diy white sneakers black cats rhinestones beads laces

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