16 DIY scarves – Easy ideas reusing old T-shirts, sweaters and scraps


The scarves are lovely fashion accessories. They can keep you warm during the cold winter days or just complement your outfit. If you love playing with scarves, then you’ll know that you can’t have “too much” of them. It’s time to recycle some old clothes and make a new fashionable accessory for your lovely neck. These DIY scarves ideas are really easy and you can ever skip sewing.

1. DIY scarves from an old sweater

diy infinity scarves old sweater black easy ideas

You can also sew decorative buttons and zipper to jazz it up a bit.

2. Old T-shirt scarf

diy tshirt scarf yellow red easy no sew ideas

T-Shirts are often made from a soft, stretchy material. That’s why they are perfect for a project like this. You can braid some of the scraps and decorate with a brooch or a leather on one side.

4. Scrap scarf

make scrap scarf easy ideas tutorial cut piesces

You don’t have to buy the fabric for this scarf, just use old clothes. Cut from the fabric lots of identical circles measuring approximately 10 x 10 cm and sew them together.

5. Lace scarf accents

diy scarves easy ideas red cloth lace sewing

diy scarf easy sewing ideas red cloth lace

The lace is back! Include it as an element in your next scarf project.

6. Bleached scarf – Get creative with the bleaching pen

diy no-sew scarf idea bleaching pen tutorial brown red

diy scarves easy ideas no sew bleach pen old cloth shirt

DIY scarves ideas

diy t-shirt scarf easy ideas no sewing blue

t-shirt scarf easy ideas different ways wear scarves

diy scarves reuse old t-shirt easy ideas tutorial

diy scarves easy ideas kids adults bows tutorial

diy scarves easy ideas two scarves ribbons sewing

scarves easy ideas tutorial stretching cloth blue

diy scarf felt easy ideas kids adults

diy scarves t-shirt easy ideas decorate flowers red

diy scarves easy ideas decorating scarf jewelrydiy scarves easy ideas old scraps lace pattern light colours

diy infinity scarf easy ideas lovely pattern

diy scarves different cloth scarps easy ideas

diy scarf ideas old t shirt no sewing tutorialdiy t shirt scarf easy ideas no sew light blue