Valentine’s Day gift ideas – Sweet DIY surprises you will love


Surprise your boyfriend (or girlfriend) for Valentine’s Day with an unexpected, homemade gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive to express the feelings that you have, but it should be thoughtful and creative. These sweet Valentine’s Day gift ideas could give you the needed inspiration for the “Holiday of Love”. These hand decorated sugar cubes and heart shaped chocolate pops will provide pleasure to both children and adults. Have a look!

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Funny sugar cubes for his morning coffee

Valentine's Day gift ideas sugar cubes little candies needed products

You need:
• sugar cubes
• powdered sugar and milk for the icing
• candy confetti or cupcake sprinkles
• melted chocolate
• food decorating pens

sugar cubes decorated like smiley faces diy Valentine's day gift ideas

To attach the decorations to your sugar cubes you need a small amount of “glue” made of milk and powdered sugar.

sugar cubes funny decoration sweet diy surprise for morning coffee

Cubes can be decorated with melted dark chocolate, colorful sprinkles in a variety of shapes and colors or just to write on them with food coloring pen.

love declaration sweet Valentine's Day gift ideas romantic morning surprise

You can use this idea also for a brunch or tea party. Depending on the type of entertainment you can write different messages other than LOVE. Children like to play games so you could create a sweet version of the 3-in-a-row game for them. You can also encourage them to make several designs by yourself for their friends.

morning coffee Valentine's Day surprise idea for your loved ones

Smiley faces as a companion for the morning coffee will brighten the day of everyone.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for him smiley faces and pink hearts decoration

Valentines’s Day gift ideas – Heart chocolate pops

Valentine's Day chocolate dessert recipe needed products

We try to prepare chocolate pops that are as healthy as possible, so we choose healthy ingredients, such as:
– dried fruit (prunes, raisins, apricots, cranberries)
– nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts etc.)
– chocolate (preferably chocolate with a high cocoa content)

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You will need also a heart lollipop candy mold and wooden skewers. The hearts were sprinkled with pistachios and goji berries that are much more photogenic.

chocolate lollipop in the shape of hearts Valentine's Day gift ideas

Shred the nuts and dried fruits into small pieces. Melt the chocolate and stir in the dried fruit or nuts. Pour into the heart molds. After a few minutes sprinkle with pistachios or goji berries. Refrigerate for 30 minutes until the chocolate hardens.

sweet diy lollipops chocolate hearts rolled in nuts and fruits

Valentine's Day romantic desserts chocolate lollipops easy diy gift idea

chocolate dessert surprise for your loved ones easy Valentine's Day gift ideas