10 Free templates for Valentine’s day heart shaped gift box

how to make a heart shaped gift box tutorial

How to wrap the small surprise that you have prepared for your loved one for Valentine’s Day? Make a DIY heart shaped gift box! We have gathered some free templates for you that you can use. The folding and cutting require only five minutes!

You will need: A4 for the templates, beautiful paper (preferably cardboard or scrapbooking paper), scissors and a pencil. For some of the projects, you will need glue and a ribbon, as well.

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Heart shaped gift box / number 1

red heart shaped gift box key ornament

1. Download the template and print it in the correct size. -> box number 1  Cut out the template to create a stencil.

The inner part of this box will be almost invisible when it is closed, so it doesn’t matter whether you use one-sided or two-sided cardboard. Lay the stencil on a sheet of scrapbooking paper and trace the design. You can secure both sheets of paper together by using clothespins, paper clips or bobby pins, so that the picture does not move. The folding lines are indicated on the template with dashed lines. Transfer them to the scrapbooking paper by pressing with something hard and pointed.

how to make a heart gift box step by step
4. Make folds on the pressed lines. A ruler is very helpful for this step. Triangles in the halves of the hearts should go inside the box.
5. Glue the side flap to the adjacent heart.

diy heart gift box scrapbook paper dots

6. With a punch, scissors, cutter or paper knife, make the indicated holes.
7. Now you have a nice little bag, in which you can put your presents.

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heart shaped chocolate gift box

8. Pull a ribbon through the holes and tie a bow! This bow can also be decorated depending on your taste and what you have at hand. Like this romantic key in Vintage-style. A small lock would also be very symbolic.

DIY gift box number 2

small heart shaped gift box icecream scrapbooking paper

1. To create the second box we do not need any glue or ribbons. Only the stencil and beautiful paper. Print, trace and cut out according to the same steps as in the first example. Template number 2

cut out heart gift box template

2. Fold along the lines to the side of the wrong part of the sheet. Make cuts in the designated places and interlock them with each other.
3. Now the halves of the hearts have converged, the part located on the stencil in the upper right corner, bends and creates the middle of the box.
4. Connect the remaining strips with each other – your box with two compartments is ready.

origami heart gift box instructions

small heart shaped gift box candy two sections

heart shaped gift box making

Box number 3

diy heart shaped gift box jewelry

Template number 3

Like the second box, for this one you don’t need any glue, just paper – almost like origami. It would be better to use two-sided scrapbooking paper. Cut out and transfer the template, fold along the lines. In almost several movements you create a nice gift box with a heart shaped closing!

diy jewelry gift box template scrapbook paper diy gift box valentines day red white

Box number four

empty heart shape gift box tutorial

Template number four

When we tied a ribbon to close the box, we realized that the box was not completely sealed so that all the gifts can fall out. We thought that if the strips were a little bit shorter, there would not be such gaps between the details of the box. We decided to experiment and shorten the strip on both sides by 7 mm. It turned out, in our opinion, much more reliable!

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heart template scrapbooking paper design

diy jewelry gift box valentines day

how to create heart shaped gift box

heart shaped paper boxes for gift

Sign your valentines, fill them with gifts and give to your loved ones!

heart shaped cardboard gift box diy template

Template number 5

Template number 6

Template number 7

Template number 8

Template number 9

Template number 10