15 Easy to make DIY Valentine Boxes – Cute ideas for boys and girls

Valentine’s Day is approaching us quickly! After kids have created some adorable Valentine’s Day Cards to hand out to their classmates, now they will need a totally original and amazing Valentine box where they can store theirs! Scroll down to see some pretty DIY Valentine boxes that girls (and boys) would love to bring to school!

DIY Valentine Boxes made from recycled materials

milk jug diy valentine boxes diy piggy mailbox

The shoebox comes typically to mind with DIY Valentine boxes, but actually any container will do. Cereal boxes, cardboard boxes, coffee cans etc. Surprisingly, milk jug Valentine boxes are also inexpensive and fun to create.

DIY Valentine Boxes made of empty cereal boxes

craft ideas for valentines day boxes cereal box washi tape

For this easy project you will need: an empty cereal box, utility knife, scissors, a ruler, a pencil, white acrylic paint and lots of washi tape!

diy valentine boxes for girls cereal box washi tape

Mark with the pencil and cut the openings for the letters. Apply a good coat of paint and let dry. Use washi tape to decorate the box.  Make two holes on the small cardboard door and attach the ribbon handle.

Ideas to reuse a shoebox

valentines day gift boxes cat style red hearts muffin decoration

You can easily decorate a shoebox for Valentine’s Day and turn it into a mailbox to hold cards. The first step is wrapping the shoebox. Contact paper, construction paper, gift paper and even strips of wallpaper will do. Alternatively, you can just paint the cardboard box red. Use a ruler as a guide to cut a large enough slit in the lid to reach in a retrieve the Valentines.

wrap shoebox with wrapping paper instructions

How to wrap a Valentine’s shoebox? Simply take an adequate amount of paper, cut it accurately, and glue it on. Remember to cover the lid separately; normally, the inside of the box doesn’t need any adhesive love. Refer to the illustration for the pattern. It’s as simple as that!

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 colorful hearts shoebox decoration girl valentines day boxes

Next, decorate the painted (wrapped) shoebox. Stamps, stickers, ribbons, rhinestones, foam hearts and a variety of other craft materials can be used.

Bejeweled Valentine box

valentine boxes diy red hearts gems decoration

Love cupcakes

3d cupcake decoration diy valentines boxes shoebox idea

Craft foam hearts

valentines day boxes to make cute shoebox idea for her

DIY Valentine boxes – Freestanding mailbox

unique handmade diy valentine boxes flowers and butterflies

If you don’t want to decorate a plain cardboard box, you can use a template to make this Valentine mailbox. Just glue the pieces together and decide on the design. For a more elegant look, you can try some of the scrapbooking techniques for beginners.

diy valentine boxes cute mailbox idea different parts

diy valentine boxes cute gift mailbox diy

cute girl valentines day boxes simple mailbox tutorial

 pink cardboard mailbox cute easy valentines day boxes

diy valentine boxes cute valentines day mailbox for girls template

diy valentine boxes cute valentines day mailbox for girls template

Traditional US letterbox

diy valentine boxes cereal mailbox easy to make

On Valentine’s Day, lovers also give small gifts to each other. They are rather small attentions such as flowers, a necklace or a box of candy. Therefore, Valentine boxes can be used as Valentine gift package, as well. After all, a gift should be presented in the most stylish way possible.

cardboard mailbox out of cereal box diy valentines day boxes

This Valentine box is inspired by the design of a real American mailbox (curbside Joroleman mailbox). The tunnel-shaped letterbox was invented in 1915 by the post office employee named Roy J. Joroleman.

valentines day cereal box simple mailbox decoration

Like the original, this mailbox also has a signal flag (semaphore flag) placed on the left side. Do you know what it means when the flag is up? It signals to the postman that there is a post for him in the mailbox to be collected. So if the flag of the Valentine box is up, there is something inside for the gift recipient.

valentines day boxes homemade cereal mailbox tutorial

To make this letterbox, you can either use a template or just cut out the elements from a cardboard paper. The most important thing is that the front flap should open and close. The decorations depend on your taste.

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valentines day boxes made pink cereal mailbox

diy valentines day mailbox easy handmade cardboard box ideas

diy valentines day mailbox dimensions template

easy to make valentines day boxes template

Cute Animals Valentine boxes

diy ladybug valentine boxes simple girl mailbox idea

After you’ve made the main structure of the letterbox, there are various ways to decorate it. For example, you can let kids draw faces and hearts on the paper creating sweet animals such as tiger, ladybug, dog and cat.

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mailbox valentines day boxes step by step tutorial
cool boy valentines day boxes tiger mailbox idea

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simple homemade valentines day boxes for preschoolers

Monster mailbox for boys

monster mailbox diy valentines day idea for him love message

This recycled mailbox is quite original, especially if you need to make a gift for boyfriend/ girlfriend or a special someone. It will certainly bring a smile to his face, when he sees this fun box on his desk.

diy unique valentines day mailbox for him used materials

Materials needed:
• empty carton box
• scissors or utility knife
• Acrylic pink paint (or another color)
• Brushes
• white craft foam (for teeth)
• craft foam in a color you want (legs, arms, and tongue)
• strips of paper or wool (for hair)
• Googly eyes
• Craft glue

crafty valentines day boxes monster mailbox idea

1. First, trace the mouth with a marker and cut out, as shown on the picture.
2. Paint the inside of the box with a dark color, in this case we have used dark blue.
3. Apply pink paint on the outside of the box and allow to dry completely.

The more vivid color is the monster, the more remarkable and fun will be. If you see that the first coat of paint does not fully cover the box, you can apply a second coat of the same color.

original valentines day gift for him diy valentine boxes

4. Make the details of the creature out of craft foam: hands, feet, teeth and tongue.
5. Finally attach all the details, googly eyes and tousled hair on the monster mailbox.

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The monster mailbox is ready to swallow all the cards that are on its way!

valentines day boxes to make parts of monster mailbox idea for boys

diy valentines day box for boy big teeth monster tutorial

Unicorn Valentine Box

girly valentines day boxes unicorn animal cardboard box idea

The last DIY Valentine box idea would be greatly appreciated by any little girl wanting to bring something special to school to collect her Valentines. If your daughter loves everything unicorn, then try and see how to make it.

step by step unicorn box unique valentines day boxes for school

Start by wrapping the cardboard box with white paper like a regular present. Use clear tape and try to keep all edges as smooth as you can. Once the box is wrapped, glue the black eyes with white spots on the front of the box. For the ears, cut an ear shape out of white cardstock and add an inner earpiece from pink glitter paper. Glue the ears on the top front corners of the box and let dry. Next, cut out two hearts out of some silver glitter paper and glue them on each bottom corner.

unicorn valentines day box idea diy school idea

Cut a hole on the front below the eyes with a utility knife for the Valentine cards to be dropped in. Also cut a door in the back so that you can be able to remove all the cards later. Next, roll a sheet of gold glitter foam into a cone, trim the excess and stick together with tape. Attach the horn and pieces of curled ribbons to your unicorn’s head, and it’s ready!

crafty valentines day boxes unicorn box idea for girls