21 table decoration ideas for a summer garden party and easy DIYs

Fresh flowers, fruits and all kind of embellishments! Check out these creative table decoration ideas and make your summer party unforgettable. With love to the detail and a fresh summer flair. Get ready to impress your guests with these ingenious table decor ideas and easy-to-do DIY projects. Let’s dive in!

Setting the Scene: Summer Vibes

table decoration ideas summer-cobalt-blue-yellow-flowers

Choose the colors of your summer party. In yellow and blue – like the sun and the sea – the is holiday mood is on.


Attention to Detail: Small Touches, Big Impact


Ever heard the saying “it’s the little things that count”? Well, when it comes to table decor, truer words were never spoken.

Sprinkle some freshly-picked daisies around your table to add a touch of rustic charm that’ll have everyone swooning.


Picture this: White daisy flowers delicately placed as filler in glass jars or vases, adding a whimsical charm.

Beachy Chic: Coastal Inspirations

table decoration ideas summer-scallops-salt-pepper

Salt and pepper shakers are too usual? Then let the ocean rushes on the summer table with these scallop shells.

Cherry-Themed Fun: A Sweet Twist for Your Summer Soirée


Looking to add a playful twist to your summer party? How about embracing the cherry theme? Imagine this: guests arriving to find their names delicately written on paper cones filled with juicy cherries, nestled on crisp white plates.

Indulge in the cherry craze not only on the table with a refreshing summer punch, but also on the tablecloth with cute stitched red buttons that look like cherries.

Create Your Oasis: DIY Water Features


With water lilies and floating candles: An old zinc bucket is the mystical pond that enchants every corner of the garden and keeps your wine cold.

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Why settle for the ordinary when it comes to keeping your brews icy cold? Imagine a rustic wheelbarrow filled to the brim with ice, beckoning guests to grab a cold one and relax. Simply fill it up, pop in your favorite bottles, and voilà — your drinks stay chilled to perfection all day long.

Tropical Paradise: Island-Inspired Accents


A touch of the exotic Hawaiian feeling? With an artificial flower garland combined with twinkling string lights.

Fruity Delights: Edible Centerpieces


Instead of chicken kebab, you can stick fruits on skewers. Such a delicious flower bouquet!

Culinary Creativity: Food That Wows


Melon Smoothie is the perfect refreshing drink in the summer. Don’t throw away the rind of the watermelon, because it could be perfect as a bowl for fruit salads.


Crafty Place Settings: Adding a Personal Touch to Your Party


Get crafty with some DIY place settings that’ll have your guests talking! Create these colorful paper butterflies delicately perched on drinking straws, adding a whimsical flair to each guest’s beverage.



And for an extra dose of fun, why not throw in some paper moustaches or lips? These playful additions not only set the tone for a lighthearted evening but also add a touch of personality to each place setting.


Sunny Sunflowers: Bringing Summer Sunshine to Your Table

table decoration ideas summer-tablecloth-sunflowers-plates

Looking to add a splash of sunshine to your summer decorations? Look no further than sunflowers! These cheerful blooms are the perfect addition to any table setting, whether delicately placed on plates or showcased in large vases as stunning centerpieces.


Lavender Elegance with a French Provence Flair


A quaint pot filled with fragrant lavender, nestled under a glass cloche, evokes the romance and charm of the French countryside. It’s a simple yet sophisticated way to infuse your summer gathering with a touch of European flair.

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Exotic Elegance: Vibrant Colors for a Summer Spectacle


Ready to add a pop of exotic flair to your summer soirée? Imagine tropical hues and vibrant color combinations like orange and pink. Incorporate exotic fruits like pineapple and dragonfruit into your decor for a touch of culinary artistry that’s sure to impress.

Paper Pompoms and Lanterns: Enhancing Atmosphere and Color


Don’t underestimate the power of paper pompoms and lanterns! These whimsical decorations add a festive touch to any outdoor celebration, infusing the air with vibrant colors and a playful atmosphere. Hang them from trees or string them across your patio to create a magical canopy of light and color.