Table decorating ideas for Halloween with spiders and more

Spiders on Halloween have a special role. It has long been known that these insects are the companions of supernatural and magical forces. Therefore, a few spiders on the festive Halloween table are guaranteed to create the necessary spooky mood. And it is not so difficult to make them. Have a look at these creepy table decorating ideas for Halloween and get crafty!

DIY Table decorating ideas for Halloween

Table decorating ideas for Halloween spiders-crawling-tablecloth

To create spiders we need:

thin binding wire – 1.0 mm
papier mache
Black acrylic paint

1. Cut 4 pieces of wire: three of the same size and one a bit longer

2. Bend the longer one in half as shown in the picture

3. Lay the other three pieces on the folded one

Table decorating ideas for Halloween – Make black spiders


4. Tie all together in one structure by using another piece of wire

5. Wrap the “body” of the spider using a thread

6. Form a “head” and torso of the spider using papier mache

(note: the body is slightly larger than “head”).

7. Leave to dry completely

Tip: After drying all the bumps can be smoothed with fine sandpaper


8. The last step: cover the spider with black paint, trimm the mustache, legs and fold them by using pliers.


Recipe for papier-mâché:

Tear old egg cartons, toilet paper or newspaper in pieces and soak in water (for a day) or mix in blender (with water). Then wring out the excess water and add PVA glue to the mass. The consistency of the masses should look like soft dough: it should cling. For greater plasticity of the mass it is possible to add a little vegetable/linseed oil.

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Table decorating ideas for Halloween black-spiders-pancakes

Table decorating ideas for Halloween – Spider web made of chocolate and salty sticks


For this recipe you will need only two ingredients: salty sticks and chocolate.


1. Melt the chocolate in a water bath or in the microwave. Let it cool a little bit.

2. Spoon the chocolate mixture into the pastry bag.

3. If you are using a plain plastic bag, cut a small whole in the one corner to squeeze out the chocolate.

4. Arrange the salty sticks on a parchment paper in a circle.

5. Squeeze the chocolate to form the spiderweb.

6. Allow to harden at room temperature or in the refrigerator.





A plastic spider would make it more authentic



Another great table decorating ideas for Halloween:

Appetizers with carrots, black olives and cream cheese


stylish decoration for wine glasses


or Martini glasses

Table decorating ideas for Halloween martini-glasses-black-ribbons

Fold treat boxes from orange paper


spooky atmosphere with tealights and Jack o lanterns



small ornamental pumpkins in a bowl


serve a soup in hollowed out pumpkin

Table decorating ideas for Halloween soup-hollowed-pumpkin

draw a bat on orange plastic cup

Table decorating ideas for Halloween plastic-orange-cups-bat-marker