How to make no sew sweater pumpkins in 5 minutes!


Make a cleanup in the closet before winter. You may find that some sweaters will no longer be needed. Give most of them to selected charity organisations so that someone else can benefit from them. But leave a few for a small Halloween project. If you do not have an idea on how to recycle an old sweater, we are going to give you some inspiration. Cut it, fill it and make a cute pumpkin out of it. These no sweater pumpkins are super colorful and ready made in just 5 minutes!

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The autumn season offers great opportunities to craft something unique with your family and have fun together. Decorating the house with homemade accessories creates a festive atmosphere, too. But instead of carving pumpkins, you can try this time something new. If you do not like to spend a lot of energy, time and money on seasonal decor, but love hand-made crafts from recyclable materials – then this project is perfect for you! An it requires no sewing.

How to make no sew sweater pumpkins

Needed materials:

  • old sweaters, t-shirts or fabric scraps
  • rubber bands
  • stuffing material such as poly-fil or fabric scraps
  • jute thread
  • fabric scissors
  • glue gun
  • optional – other embellishments such as raffia, twigs, faux leaves, berries etc.


Cut off the bottom of the sweater and the sleeves. The size you cut will depend on how big you’d like your pumpkin to be. From the sleeve you can easily make a cute elongated gourd or several baby pumpkins. For big round pumpkins use the bottom part of the sweater.

Sweater pumpkins made from the sleeve


Turn the sleeve wrong side out and tie the end with an elastic band. This will become the bottom of your pumpkin.

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Turn again inside out and fill the sleeve with stuffing or fabric scraps. Give the gourd the desired shape and then use a second rubber band to wrap around the “”stem”.


If you like, use more elastics, so that the fabric is tighter and the stem is neater.


Next, use twine to wrap the “stem” and hide the rubber band. Begin from the bottom to the top, pre-fixing the end under the rubber band. Try to tie carefully, so that in the end you can not see the fabric.


When you get the look you like, tie a knot in the twine. Use a dot of hot glue on the knot to keep it secure. And your no sew sweater pumpkin is ready!

Cute round sweater pumpkins


There are also several other versions of the fabric pumpkins. Cut a rectangle shape out of the sweater, place the pillow stuffing in the center and gather the ends together. Secure with an elastic band and then wrap the thread around the “stem”.

If you use a circle shape, you can sew across the edge one side, forming a cylinder and then just stick a twig or wine cork in the center, imitating the stem.


To take it one step further, you can wrap the thread around the pumpkin  to create segments. Wrap the thread around the stem a few times, then around the bottom and the entire pumpkin and go back up again. Once you are pleased with the segments you formed, continue wrapping the thread around and up the stem. Glue the loose end of the thread.


Once your sweater pumpkins are ready, you just have to display them proudly in your home. Arrange them on a tray and place it on the coffee table or decorate the fireplace mantel! Add fall scented candles and a bowl filled with acorns and chestnuts to complete the look! Displaying a group of several tiny pumpkins in a big glass jar, a glass lantern or under a glass cloche is another great idea! Have fun!

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