5 easy last minute Halloween makeup ideas for girls and women + tutorials

last minute make up halloween ideas

You were invited to a Halloween party but don’t have a costume? Then, you can put your make-up in focus. Using your daily makeup like eyeliner or foundation you can still pull off a cool Halloween worthy look, even without a costume. To help you, we have rounded up some amazing last minute Halloween makeup ideas that don’t requite weeks of preparation.  Check out these 5 easy tutorials!

Last minute Halloween makeup: Queen of horror

last minute halloween makeup tutorial vampire blood tears rhinestones

What you need:

eyebrow powder
eyeshadow pencil in Burgundy
pink eyeliner
pink lipstick
golden highlighter
red rhinestones (face jewels)
cosmetic glue

Halloween face makeup foundation

Step 1. So, let’s start with skin moisturizing and only after the cream has absorbed into the skin, we will apply a foundation and powder on the face. Then we take a little creamy pink rouge and with patting movements will slightly apply it on the cheeks. Using the powder of the desired shade, fill the eyebrows and comb the hair with a brush.

Burgundy red eyeshadow pencil eyelid

Step 2. The color Burgundy in makeup is always relevant, especially in autumn. In order for the make-up to last the whole night, we prefer the eyeshadow pencil. Apply a line on the crease of the eye.

last minute halloween makeup with everyday makeup

Step 3. Blending is an important thing in any make-up. And when you work with “liquid” eyeshadows – it’s crucial. You can use a brush or your fingers.

last minute halloween makeup tutorial vampire foundation

Step 4. The next step is to apply makeup on the outer corners of the eyes. You will again need two tools – a eyeshadow stick and a brush.

applying pink eyeliner thin brush

Step 5. Pink eyeliner is a rarity in cosmetics stores, so it is better to order in advance or use an analog, for example, a lip liner. Apply on the lower lashline and the inner contour of the eye. It is better to use a thin brush.

last minute halloween makeup tutorial vampire eyes red eyeliner

Step 6. And now you will need a lot of patience and perseverance: it’s time to glue the rhinestones. To stick them on the skin use a cosmetic glue. However, there is no guarantee that they will “survive” until the end of the party. But you will have time to make a beautiful photo for  Instagram!

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red queen of horror Halloween makeup ideas women

Step 7. After we finish with the decor of the one half of the face, repeat the same thing on the other side. Try to make it symmetrical.

Step 8. Final stroke – Apply a rich pink lipstick on the lips and a gold highliter on your cupid’s bow for a brilliant effect.

last minute halloween makeup tutorial vampire using brush lipstick

Last minute Halloween makeup: The fallen angel

last minute halloween makeup simple fallen angel

What you need:

white eyeliner
pearly eyeshadows
black lipstick
black glitter
dry glue

applying white foundation angel face

Step 1. Traditionally, we will begin with moisturizing the skin and continue applying the foundation. For such angel face make-up, the foundation should be a couple of tones lighter than your skin. The same applies to the powder that is applied after that.

everyday makeup halloween tutorial cute look fallen angel

Step 2. Finally you do not have to draw eyebrows with the perfect curve. For this “angelic” make-up, on the contrary, it is worthwhile to make them pale using a with a light concealer.

white eyeliner eyes angel makeup not scary

Step 3. Now continue with the eye make-up. First let’s draw the inner lower lashline with a white pencil.

pencil eyeliner white angel makeup halloween

Step 4. Then draw a thin line on the upper lid using the same white pencil.

applying white eyeshadow using brush

Step 5. Finish the makeup of the eyes with pearly shimmery eyeshadows. Apply on the movable eyelid using a blending brush.

fallen angel no scary halloween look girls

Step 6. Add a gentle glow on the cheekbones! To do this we will need a highlighter, a lot of highlighter.

glue white feathers eyebrows halloween look fallen angel

Step 7. Now let’s start the most complicated part of the make-up – decorating the eyebrows with feathers. To do this, you will need the feathers (it is better to cut them slightly so they do not interfere) and a stick of dry glue. Carefully apply the glue on the eyebrows, then also gently stick the feathers.

last minute halloween makeup glam women black lipstick

Step 8. Let’s finish the make-up on Halloween with a dramatic lip make-up. Take a little lipstick on the brush and carefully draw the outline, then fill the remaining space. For more effect, we’ll add a little glitter to the top.

Last minute Halloween makeup: The Vampire Princess

last minute halloween makeup with fake blood girl vampire

What you need:

gel for eyebrows
clear base liquid such as mixing medium, glycerin, clear lipgloss etc.
black glitter powder
lip liner
artificial blood

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quick last minute halloween makeup black glitter powder

Step 1. Traditionally, we will start with the preparation of the skin for make-up: we will apply moisturizing cream with light massaging movements. After it has absorbed, proceed to the  foundation. Since we create an image of a vampire princess, he can be a tone lighter than your skin color. The next step is applying a translucent powder and a gentle pink blush. And this step is completed by applying a glitter powder. We put on the area under the eyes a liquid base such as glycerin or clear lip gloss and with the help of a brush gently “sprinkle” the black glitter. It will get messy, so hold a napkin underneath.

quick last minute halloween makeup girls red matt lips

Step 2. Matt lips – a trend that wanders from season to season. In this make-up look, it is also “involved.” In order to achieve the desired effect, we used a contour lip pencil with saturated pink color.

quick last minute halloween makeup glitter black eyes

Step 3. Add an accent on the cheek. In any store you can buy a set of thematic stickers for Halloween. For example, this one, with flame tongues, fits perfectly to the “vampire” look.

quick last minute halloween makeup girl vampire easy look

Step 4. And now you need to give the look a little aggressiveness and severity. To do this, take the eyebrow gel and “comb” the hairs slightly up and obliquely.

last minute halloween makeup with fake blood lips vampire

Step 5. What would be a vampire princess without blood on her lips? We use an artificial equivalent and apply a droplet on the lower lip.

Last minute Halloween makeup:  Mermaid make-up

not scary last minute makeup for girls mermaid

What you need:

eyebrow gel
eye shadows in blue and turquoise
blue eyeliner
blue mascara
green creamy eye shadows
glitter sequins
adhesive pearls
a sea shell
cosmetic and medical glue
makeup fixative spray

eyebrows foundation makeup girls

Step 1. The ideal smooth skin is the key to the success of any make-up. To do this, you first need to prepare a face (with moisturizing cream), then apply foundation base, matte powder and provide the skin a fresh look with pink blush. Comb the eyebrows with a special gel.

mermaid halloween look blue turquoise eyeshadows

Step 2. Apply on the moving eyelid blue eyeshadows. You can use a brush or make it with your fingers.

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eyeshadow brush turquoise color mermaid

Step 3. Using the brush, apply abundantly turquoise eyeshadows – on the inner corner of the eye, on the eyelid under the eyebrows and towards the temple.

blue mermaid eyeshadows cute look

Step 4. Emphasize the lower eyelid with turquoise shadows.

last minute halloween makeup tutorials for girls

Step 5. For a more expressive look, outline the eye with a bright blue pencil and apply blue mascara.

blue eyeshadows mermaid makeup not scary ficating spray

Step 6. Decorate the eyelid with glitter sequins. Use a fixative spray to improve the durability of the makeup.

cute last minute halloween makeup mermaid seashell

Step 7. The image of the mermaid would not be complete without a beautiful accent in the form of a shell on the forehead. Glue it with a medical adhesive.

green lips mermaid not scary halloween look

Step 8. Since we do not have green lipstick, we will try a more common beauty-tool – green cream eyeshadows. You can leave them matt or covered with glossy finish.

last minute halloween makeup pretty mermaid girl

Step 9. Complete the look using sequins and pearls to decorate the forehead, cheeks, hollow over the lip and chin.

Make-up for Halloween: Eye monster

last minute halloween makeup creepy eyes glued

What you need:

eyebrow gel
false eyelashes
plastic eyes
medical adhesive

big blue eyes doll look foundation

Step 1. Let’s start with the makeup base. First, moisturize the skin with a cream, then apply the foundation. The next step is to powder the face so that it does not shine and emphasize the cheeks with soft pink blush.

applying mascara blue eyes

Step 2. Comb the eyebrows with a brush or use a gel. But the main highlight of this makeup, are the eyelashes. Therefore, apply mascara.

applying faux eyelashes girl

Step 3. Artificial eyelashes will create the effect of wide open eyes. Using tweezers, gently stick them in the corners and in the center of your natural eyelashes.

last minute halloween makeup tutorial faux eyelashes

Step 4. Do not forget to do the same thing in the lower eyelid.

last minute halloween makeup for beginners scary glue eyes

Step 5. Buy from the craftshop eyes for soft toys and from the pharmacy – medical glue BF-6. Determine on the face the point where you plan to glue your eyes and act.

last minute scary halloween makeup creepy eyes girl

Step 6. To make artificial eyes look as realistic as possible, use again false eyelashes.

And you are ready for a hell of a party!