DIY Halloween decorations – 3 ideas for the Halloween party


 On October 31st we celebrate Halloween! Transform your apartment in a dark castle for the Halloween party with scary costumes and DIY Halloween decorations. They will set the mood for a scary night and a really fun party. Have a look at these easy and cheap ideas!

DIY Halloween decorations – Make paper bats

 Bats in the corner! Do not worry, these little vampires are made of cardboard and are harmless.

diy halloween decorations ideas cardboard paper bats feathers

Materials: paper to print out the template, bat template, black cardboard paper, black glitter powder, small black feathers, scissors, a pencil, universal adhesive, double-sided adhesive tape.

diy halloween decorations cheap materials easy craft idea

Print out the bat template. Then transfer it on the black cardboard paper and cut out. Now outline with universal adhesive the inner lines of the bat wings. Strew the glitter powder onto the wet adhesive, blow off any excess powder and allow to dry thoroughly.


diy halloween decorations paper bats glitter powder wings

Then fold the wings upwards corresponding to the lines of the template. Stick an approx. 4 cm long strip double-sided tape on the body, remove the foil and glue 2 black feathers. Now, the bats can be either secured to branches or on the wall.

 diy halloween decorations party paper bats adhesive wings

 halloween crafts ideas glitter powder adhesive wings

 diy halloween decorations paper bats folding wings

diy halloween ideas bats black cardboard paper black feather body


 DIY Halloween decorations – Spooky hurricane lanterns

homemade halloween crafts candle lanterns black cats

Abracadabra! Black cats are spooky! Especially in a dark night like this. These lanterns will break the darkness and spread a real Halloween mood. Place them on the window sill or fireplace mantel and wait for the witches to come.

homemade halloween decorations candle holder black cats

Materials: Straight glass hurricane lanterns, cat templates, black cardboard paper, a ruler, a pencil, craft knife or a scalpel and a cutting mat, tracing paper, black Sizoweb ribbon, black fabric tape 19 mm and scotch tape.

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creative homemade halloween decorations cat template paper

Glue the cat template with transparent scotch tape on the cardboard paper and cut out with a craft knife. Then cut the Sizoweb ribbon according to the measurements of the hurricane lantern (height x circumference + 1 cm). Glue the cat with the black fabric tape centrally  to the lower edge of the Sizoweb.

homemade halloween decorations candle holders black cat sizoweb

Now place the Sizoweb ribbon around the glass lantern and secure with scotch tape. Cut tracing paper in the dimensions of the Sizoweb and place it over the decorative ribbon around the lantern. Tape in the back with scotch tape.

homemade halloween decorations hurricane lantern project

homemade halloween decorations tracing paper




 DIY Halloween decorations – White&Black pumpkins

handmade halloween pumpkins white paint black glitter powder

If creepy spiders crawl around, even pumpkins are pale. This creepy Halloween decoration is quite amusing and fits perfectly to your spooky Halloween party decor.

handmade halloween pumpkin decorations materials

Materials: pumpkins, white craft paint, template for pumpkin’s face, universal adhesive, black glitter powder, scissors, a pencil


First, print and cut out the template. Then paint the pumpkins white. After drying, transfer the motifs on the pumpkins either with the face  template or free hand with the pencil. Make lines with craft glue to cover the pumpkin in spider web. Apply universal adhesive on the peduncle as well. Sprinkle glitter powder on the wet adhesive, let dry and then blow off excess powder.

handmade halloween pumpkin decorations universal adhesive

handmade halloween pumpkin decorations wet adhesive black glitter powder