DIY Halloween costumes – 4 easy and budget-friendly ideas

Halloween is the best time to express ourselves in creative and even hilarious ways. Unfortunately, Halloween costumes for adults can be quite pricey. If you don’t want to spend too much on something you’ll wear only once, try one of these clever homemade ideas. These DIY Halloween costumes are super easy!

DIY Halloween costumes – Leather bat bow tie

diy halloween costumes gothic bat bow tie style girl fun party accessory

This DIY idea is useful for those who love creating interesting accessories and want to assemble quickly an impressive Halloween costume. This is not a complete costume, but is a perfect “spooky” element suitable for both girls and boys.

diy halloween costumes cheap handmade batman bow tie kids party accessory

Needed materials:

– 2 mm thick piece of leather (black)

– wide elastic (black)

– bow tie hook and clasp or velcro tape

– glue

diy halloween costumes batman inspired party style bow tie

The thick leather is perfect because it will give the bat tie hardness and will not lose its shape.

1. First cut out the details of the bat – wings and a small rectangle element. To align the edges after cutting, as well as to give the most even shape, wash the cut parts before assembly, and let dry under an improvised press.
2. Glue the two leather parts so that you can thread the elastic afterwards.
3. Once dry, thread the elastic through the loop and attach the hook and the clasp at the ends. Instead, you can use Velcro tape. Our accessory is ready!

diy halloween costumes bat bow tie template

diy halloween costumes cheap handmade bat wings leather style bow tie

diy halloween costumes handmade leather bow tie or bat style hair clips

diy halloween costumes hell buterfly black leather bow tie woman party style

diy halloween costumes leather party tie black scopion men style

man leather tie black scorpion Halloween costume

diy halloween costumes jack o lantern pumpkin decoration leather bat bow tie


Halloween pumpkin lantern and bat bow tie

diy halloween costumes bat bow tie black ruby stone pumpkin lantern decoration

DIY Halloween costumes – woman pirate style party dress

The eternal female problem – a lot of clothes and nothing to wear. Always want something new. We offer you to make a suitable accessory with which ordinary T-shirt that will look different every time. And if you have in the wardrobe a white T-shirt, no one would guess.

diy halloween costumes woman pirate dress tutorial


– Black thread

– Plain white T-shirt or top

– old T-Shirt in black and white stripes or fabric (50 x 60 cm)

– White eyelets (diameter of the hole 5 mm)

– Silver eyelets (diameter of the hole 8 mm)

– Silver eyelets (diameter of the hole 10 mm)

– Red beads

– Scissors

– Needle

– Pliers for installation of eyelets

– Jewelry pliers

diy halloween costumes woman dress pirate style idea

Cut the striped T-Shirt into 2 random triangles. The base of the triangles should be equal to the length of neck, height – 25 cm. Cut diagonally into beautiful 1.5 cm wide strips to get such an effect, putting them diagonally to the main strip on the fabric.  The cuts should be 3.5 cm deep. As a result, two layers of fringes should happen. You can decorate the band that holds the edge with a nautical theme. For example, caps and beads.


DIY Halloween costumes – Egyptian queen Cleopatra style

Cleopatra – the most famous Egyptian queen. Her image has inspired many writers, poets and filmmakers. The snake of Egypt is a symbol of divine kingship and wisdom, so adorned heads of the pharaohs.

diy halloween costumes egypt queen cleopatra style cobra head crown

– wire (15 cm)
– Lacquer matte black (60 x 60 cm)
– satin ribbon color gold (5.5 m)
– Acrylic rhinestones
– Adhesive colored paper with sparkles
– Grosgrain black ribbon (2.5 cm) – 50 cm
– Outliner pen with gold glitter
– Toy stuffing
– Fabric – black (10 x 20 cm)
– Scissors
– Sewing machine
– Chalk
– hot glue gun

diy halloween costumes queen of the nile egypt style dress tutorial

Make a model based on the dimensions shown in the illustration. Then outline the collar on fabric.

To produce the color bars, you can use adhesive paper with glitter. Cut the elements out of colored paper in the same dimensions. Then glue them on the collar.

Using the hot glue gun, glue all the decorative elements and finishing sections of the fabric. Sew the gold ribbon on the edges of the collar so that it does not crumble, as well.

Glue the acrylic rhinestones.

Outline the model of the cobra head on black brocade fabric. Seam along the contour using the sewing machine. Cut the snake departing from the seam of 0.3 mm.  Remove the workpiece and fill loosely with toy stuffing. To make the  characteristic curve of the cobra head sew inside the wire using zigzag stitch.

diy halloween costumes leather cobra crown egypt style tutorial

Paint artistically contours with glitter and glue crystals on the snakes head. On the grosgrain black ribbon glue rechtangles of colored adhesive paper. In the middle (on the inside) sew the head of a cobra.

diy halloween costumes cleopatra dress template

diy halloween costumes template cobra head woman cleopatra style


DIY Halloween costumes – simple skull T-shirt party style idea

Halloween is approaching – it’s time to think about the costume. You can make this funny T-Shirt “Skull” in only 2 hours.

diy halloween costumes handmade woman pirate style scull t-shirt


– paper

– black thread

– black cotton jersey (with a width of 1.30-1.50 m) – 0.60 m

– white cotton jersey (with a width of 1.30-1.50 m) – 0.60 m

– sewing machine

– line

– sewing needles

– chalk

– iron

– Twin needle for sewing machine

diy halloween costumes black white scull t-shirt pirate style tutorial

Fold in black fabric, inside out. Lay the white top, mark the required size and pin it with pins on the neckline. Outline top with chalk. Loop shirt in the line of the neck and draw chalk door. Chip-shirt with the cloth and correct line. The lines must be straight and symmetrical. Add the seam side contour and shoulder shirts than 1 cm. Then, carefully cut along the contour.

From paper to make templates: eyes, nose holes, teeth. Place the elements on the front of the shirt. The outline with chalk and cut out. Pin front of black shirts and white top. Pass on the white shirt of the new line neck just above the shoulder straps of black T-shirts. Draw a line on it – skull hair. Cut contour connecting the white and black sections with pins and sew them on the sewing machine. Fold the rear and front face shirts how the pins and sew.

T-shirt is ready. Now it will fulfill its mission on the eve of Halloween, and it may be more stylish element to your wardrobe.

diy halloween costumes kids spider cobweb t-shirt style

girl spider cobweb style diy Halloween costume