DIY costume mask for masquerade ball or Halloween party

Halloween is near but you don’t have neither a costume nor a costume mask? Then do not miss our idea for a chic DIY costume mask, which could be paired with almost everything. This elegant mask is really easy and will give you a quick solution for the party. It is also suitable for young girls who like to play princesses.

DIY costume mask tutorial

diy costume mask halloween materials quick cheap easy

Materials: a piece of tulle, a sheet of paper, a clear plastic pocket or any other plastic film, a 3D liner pen in any color you want (It could be usually found in the craft shop by the fabric painting supplies), a tape, scissors and glue.

diy costume mask halloween 3d liner gold color princess


First, draw the basic shape of the mask on a sheet of paper or print out a ready template. Place the sheet of paper in the plastic pocket and lay over the piece of tulle. Glue the sides to prevent sliding off. Then take the 3D liner pen and start drawing on the tulle fabric. An elegant design filled with all kinds of twirls and curves would look dramatic and feminine. You can also play with patterns and forms to craft a mask that would be also suitable for a man.

diy costume mask masquerade halloween kids purple beads decoration


As long as the liner is still wet, you can decorate the DIY costume mask by inserting beads and gems for decoration. Leave the mask to dry completely for a few hours or overnight. Then peel off the tape and cut away the excess tulle. Do not forget to cut the holes for the eyes.

diy masquerade face mask 3d liner gold kids adults purple beads


Now cut a piece of ribbon long enough to glue them on each side, so that you could tie the mask around your head. So, and we are already ready for masquerade!

diy costume mask tutorial halloween quick cheap

homemade halloween costume mask black princess

homemade costume eye mask 3d liner pen glue ribbons

And the DIY costume mask is ready!

diy costume mask halloween masquerade kids adults

diy costume eye mask black 3d liner pen tulle fabric