12 Halloween sugar skull makeup ideas for women


The sugar skull makeup is inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead – a Mexican holiday that’s full of color, madness and joy. The main symbol of Mexican holidays are just colored sugar skulls, which are eaten to honor the dead.  The sugar skull makeup ideas are very feminine and therefore perfect for any Halloween party. They are quite time-consuming, but the end effect will pay off. They will make you look intriguing and original.

Pretty Halloween sugar skull makeup for women

black necklace women white face sugar skull dark shadows halloween makeup

Characteristic for the sugar skull makeup are a white face paint, matte dark shadows around the eyes shaped as a flower, and stitched mouth made with eyeliner (liquid or hard). In addition you can decorate with beads, sequins and glitter. Sometimes they are also glued false eyelashes. The makeup is usually accompanied by feminine touches like flowers or flower wreaths in the hair.

red roses pretty halloween art sugar skull black dress

Feminine styling with red roses in the hair and black necklace

feminine halloween styling sugar skull stitched mouth hair red flowers

A “sugar skull” with red flowers in her hair

mexican day of dead green eye shadow holiday makeup sugar skull

Halloween sugar skull makeup with green eye shadows and red highlights.

feminine halloween art ideas sugar skull makeup mexican tradition roses wreath

cylinder hat styling sugar skull makeup mexican halloween makeup

Cylinder hat as an accessory 

day of dead women violet halloween makeup sugar skull makeup

violet and black eyeshadows, gems on the forehead

violet fan white skull makeup idea colored earrings sugar skull makeup

turquoise and red

empty eye effect halloween makeup ideas sugar skull makeup women face art

The black painted eyelids should resemble empty eye sockets of a skull

women face paint art halloween ideas sugar skull makeup

attractive and very feminine

scary bride mexican girl halloween face paint sugar skull makeup

Scary bride styling

pink skull hamlet yorik motif halloween sugar skull makeup

How do you like the sugar skull makeup for Halloween?