4 Easy egg decorating ideas for toddlers (2 or 3 year old)

Hello, everybody! Are you looking for egg decorating activities for toddlers that are both easy and enjoyable? Avoid wasting time; we have a few extraordinary thoughts to keep your children engaged.

In no time at all, you can make magnificent eggs with just a few basic ingredients! Children will appreciate getting imaginative with paint or markers, and it is simple enough that they can complete it without grown-up help. If you want something less messy, you can decorate with stickers or ribbons.

easter egg decorating for 2 year old

You don’t even need hard-boiled eggs; plastic eggs are just as fun (and easier) for little ones to work on, since there won’t be any mess afterward either way. Allowing your two-year-old to design their own Easter eggs is a wonderful way to encourage creative expression while also having a lot of fun. After they’re finished, you’ll also have some lovely decorations for your home. Making Easter eggs with your child can be done in a variety of imaginative ways that will keep them occupied for a long time. Here are some suggestions about where to start.

decorating easter eggs with markers for toddlers

1. Use washable markers or crayons

One of the easiest ways to decorate eggs is by using markers or crayons. Let your toddler go wild, drawing on their egg however they want – from animals (here’s an idea for a cute bunny egg drawing) and flowers to abstract designs! You could even provide some guidance by drawing simple shapes or designs on the egg before handing it over to them, so they have something to work off of if needed. Another idea is using stickers or foam shapes like stars and hearts – these add instant color without any mess at all.

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egg decorating ideas for toddlers

2. Glitter glue

Glitter glue, which adds even more sparkle, is another great way for toddlers to express themselves. Be careful not to put too much on each egg; otherwise, it may be difficult to remove once the eggs have dried out! Give a few tones and let them go wild, adding shines and surface all around their eggs in anything configuration suits their extravagant.

toddler egg decorating with stickers and paints

3. Egg decorating with stickers & stamps

For a more precise approach, stickers and stamps are perfect as there’s no mess involved but still plenty of creativity allowed when deciding where exactly each sticker should go on the eggshells!

toddlers love stickers and stamps for Easter egg decorating

4. Paint pens

These pens come in many different colors which makes painting intricate patterns onto hard-boiled eggs easier than ever before; plus cleanup is much simpler too since these paints don’t require any water whatsoever after application (just let dry).

egg dying with toddlers

Paint the eggs instead of just coloring them in if you’re feeling more daring. For a more muted effect, use watercolors or acrylic paints; both will be bunches of good times for youngsters (and grown-ups) the same! Cover the surface of the table with newspaper first so that there are no stains left behind after the painting is finished, which will make cleanup easier.

decorating eggs with toddlers for easter

However, whichever method you use, decorating Easter eggs with your toddler will undoubtedly be a fun experience filled with laughter. Therefore, get your supplies right away, get creative, and let’s begin creating memories together. Have fun!

egg decorating with babies 2 years old