Easter wreath ideas with tutorials – Fun crafts with bunnies and eggs

Here are 3 Easter wreath ideas that are bursting with spring colors and cheer. These unique crafts are easy to make, take a little time and you can use them for years to come. Using eggs, ribbons and plushy bunnies, your project will be festive and noticed by all. Welcome all your friends and family to your home by hanging the wreath on your door or just decorate the living room.

Easter wreath ideas made of felt

bunny used materialseaster wreath ideas

Used materials:
• Felt fabric in several colors: baby pink, pink, purple, orange, green, white and floral patterned
• Hot glue gun
• yarn in colors orange, black, pink and white
• Toy stuffing
• Powder blush
• Two black beads
• Needle
• Pencils
• Scissors
• Wool yarn in colors baby pink, white and pink
• Satin ribbon in baby pink

Download all templates for the rabbit, transfer them on the felt fabric and cut them out with scissors.

handmade home decoration easter wreath crafts

Sew the two circle cutouts together using buttonhole stitch leaving an opening to be filled with stuffing. Then finish sewing.

carrot materials easter wreath ideas

To make the leaves of the carrot, fold the green felt in half and make fringes with scissors as shown in the photo above. To make the carrot, fold the piece of orange felt in half. With the orange thread and a basting stitch close the side of the carrot leaving an opening on the top. Now fill the piece with toy stuffing insert the green piece of felt into the opening with the fringes out, and finish the seam with basting stitch.

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how to make tutorial easter wreath crafts

Join the cutouts of the hands, stitch around the felt with white yarn, leaving an opening to put the stuffing. Finish the seam. Do the same for the other hand and the two ears.

 step by step tutorial easter wreath ideas

To form the head of the Easter bunny, separate one of the cutouts that represent the face. With the black thread and the basting stitch, embroider one vertical line at the bottom of the face to form the mouth, as shown in the picture above. Then embroider the eyebrows. With hot glue, glue the heart-shaped felt piece for the nose above the embroidered mouth. Using your fingers, spread the blush to form the cheeks.

big fabric carrots easter wreath ideas

 Sew the black beads using black thread close together just below the eyebrows. Then, with the white thread and the basting stitch, join the two pieces that form the bunny’s head, leaving an opening at the top to fill with toy stuffing. Before completing the seam, attach the ears made ​​in step 3. When the head of the bunny is ready, use hot glue to fix the bottom part and ears on the wreath. Glue the carrots below the face and hands, one above and the other below the carrots. To decorate the wreath, make pompoms out of wool yarn and rolls with strips of felt and glue them all over the wreath ring. To finish off, make a bow with the floral patterned felt and glue it on the bunny head.

kids ideas easter wreath ideas decorative rabbits and eggs decorations

With scissors, cut one piece of satin ribbon and a square of the same felt used to make the wreath ring. Make a loop with the ribbon and glue it to the back of the wreath under the flap of felt as shown in the picture. Let dry and hang the wreath on your door.

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 Easter wreath ideas with shiny eggs

Delicious Easter wreath with chocolate eggs and decorations in shades of blue. Decorate your door or give it as a present to a friend!

blue quilling paper easter wreath ideas

Used materials:
• blue foil chocolate Eggs 20 g
• two plush bunnies
• blue crumpled tissue paper
• thin polka dot ribbon in white-blue
• small wire garland with blue flowers
• decorative clothespins
• oval styropor wreath ring
• iridescent foil
• hot glue gun
• pliers
• scissors

hanging wall decorative eggs art easter wreath crafts

Wrap the blue tissue paper around the styropor wreath ring and secure the ends with hot glue.

small chocolate eggs packing easter egg wreath craft

eggs foil packing easter wreath ideas

Cut with scissors a square of 20 x 20 cm iridescent foil. Place a chocolate egg in the center of the square, wrap it and tie a knot with a ribbon. Cut the excess ribbon, leaving enough spare at each end, so that they can be tied to the wreath ring. Make a double loop and tie it on top of the egg. Repeat this step to decorate the lower part of the wreath with ten chocolate eggs.

craft chocolate candy attachment easter egg wreath

craft room door decoration easter egg wreath step by step tutorial

sky blue ribbon tie easter wreath ideas

With the polka dot ribbon, make a bow with four loops and secure at the center. Attach the bow on the top of the wreath.

hanging wall decorations for kids room easter wreath crafts

fun kids craft easter wreath ideas chocolate eggs

Attach clothespins with paper flowers to the ribbon of each chocolate egg to enhance the decoration.

cute decorative bunny ornament easter wreath ideas

fun cute small bunnies decoration easter egg wreath craft

Position the plushy bunnies on each side of the wreath. Finish the wreath by winding the wire garland around the center of the big bow.

cheap and easy holiday handmade crafts easter wreath ideas

kids room door decorations easter wreath ideas

 This Easter wreath, made ​​with cardboard and decorated with stuffed bunnies is really creative. Who would not be happy to be welcomed in the house with this gracious wreath? Chocolate cones add to the arrangement and are special gift for children!

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Needed materials:
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Hot glue gun
• Cardboard
• decorative wire ribbons in pink and pale pink
• decorative satin ribbons in pink
• chocolate cones
• 2 sprigs of faux flowers
• 1 stuffed bunny with baby

Cut out a wreath ring out of cardboard in the desired size. If the carton is not very thick, use two sheets on top of one another to add volume.

craft cardboard ring cutting easter egg wreath

colorful ribbon wrapping easter wreath ideas

Line the cardboard frame with the decorative pink satin ribbon.

kids room interior easter wreath crafts decorating ideas

Secure the ends with the hot glue gun.

pink ribbon decoration easter wreath ideas

Make a big bow using the pale pink and the fuchsia pink wire ribbons.

red pink relief satin ribbon integration easter egg wreath craft

inside decoration handmade craft easter wreath ideas

Secure the faux roses to the wreath using the satin ribbon.

chocolate eggs and bunnies decorating ideas easter wreath crafts

holiday decorations ideas easter wreath crafts

red satin ribbon pockets easter wreath ideas

To make the support for the chocolate cones, cut four 15 cm pieces of wired ribbon. Join the two ends of each of the pieces forming a loop. Using the hot glue gun secure them to the wreath.

craft decorative bunnies candy pockets easter egg wreath

cute festive door decoration easter wreath ideas

decorative candy carrots easter wreath ideas