12 Easter egg decorating ideas – Be creative and go beyond egg dyeing!


You are looking for different techniques to decorate your Easter eggs? Then we have gathered some unique Easter egg decorating ideas for you. Take your eggs one step further by using glitter, stickers, polymer clay, wax and more. Be more creative this year and try some of these easy projects. Have fun!

Easter egg decorating ideas and new techniques

 1. Glittered Easter eggs in gold and blackglittered easter eggs glue yellow black

easter egg decor ideas glueing glitter gold black

 2. Wax-resist method of decorating Easter eggs

easter eggs decor ideas creative ways dragonflies wax

Draw on eggs with wax or crayons. You can easily make a tool for drawing by sticking a straight pin into the eraser of a pencil. Dip them in dye and you’ll see that the color doesn’t adhere on these places .

easter egg decorate ideas dyeing wax painted eggs

easter egg decorating ideas dyeing wax pink green

easter egg decorating ideas dyeing blue green wax butterflies

3. Chalkboard Easter eggs

easter eggs chalkboard craft ideas kids

chalkboard easter eggs tutorial kids crafts

chalkboard eggs black no dye ideas egg decor

4. Apply the heart and bunny stickers, dip in the dye and then peel off the stickers

easter eggs decorating ideas dyeing heart bunny pattern

easter egg decorations dyeing paper hearts egg carton

easter egg decorating ideas dyeing paper heart red dye

easter egg decorations stickers bunnies hearts glue

easter eggs ideas silhouettes stickers table decor

5. Instead of dyeing eggs you can just draw some designs with paintbrush and a steady hand. Just use your imagination.

easter egg decorating ideas dyeing

easter eggs ideas no dye thin paintbrush steady hand

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easter egg decorating ideas painting bunny faces hat ribbon

6. Newspaper Easter eggs with letterseaster eggs decorating ideas stickers newspaper letters

easter eggs decor ideas crafts tutorials letters newspaper

7. Embellishing your eggs with crochet patterns

easter eggs decorating ideas lace crochet dye pattern

8. Decoupage Easter egg decorating ideas

easter egg decorations decoupage technique egg carton herbs

9. Silk-tie Easter eggs

easter eggs decorating ideas silk ties boiled water vinegar

Place the silk-wrapped, raw eggs in an old tablecloth and secure tightly with a rubber band. Then put them in boiling water and add three tablespoons vinegar. When eggs are cool enough to handle, remove the silk.

easter eggs decor ideas old tie bowl wrapped eggs

easter eggs ideas decor silk scarf pattern

10. Beaded Easter eggs

easter egg decorating ideas crafts beads glue

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11. Polymer clay Easter eggs

easter eggs decorating ideas polymer clay

You have to blow out the eggs, cut slices from the cane (about 1/8 inch thick), cover the whole egg. Poke a small hole through the clay so that the air can escape during baking. Bake in an oven according to manufacturer’s directions.

12. Decorate with stickers, ribbons and buttons

easter egg decorating ideas no dye stickers ribbons

easter egg decorating ideas lace ribbon button

easter egg decor ideas crafts wrapped  embellishments