12 DIY Spring & Easter home decorating ideas – Simple yet creative


Easter and spring crafts are a great fun for both kids and adults. Incorporate the symbols of spring in your beautiful arrangements and decorate your home! These DIY Spring & Easter home decorating ideas are easy to make and use inexpensive and simple materials. Check out our small collection of cheerful and original decorations! You’ll find a few great suggestions for Spring and Easter crafts!

Easter home decorating ideas and inspirations

diy spring easter home decorating ideas egg shell vases pebbles flowers cress grass

Decorating for the spring is all about happy, bright colors. Let your home shine and bring a true splash of colors on the spring table. Easter baskets, nests, wreaths and flower arrangements are an excellent choice for decorations that bring the nature into your home. With some ribbons, moss, thin branches you can craft a beautiful door wreath.

diy spring home decorating ideas easter eggs grass sprouts daffodils willow catkin

The imagination knows no limits. The egg shells are ideal as vases that accentuate the natural charm of spring flowers. You can decorate the eggshells with moss, fill them with straw or plant grass sprouts inside. The arrangement looks so simple, pretty and very natural. Hyacinths, tulips and daffodils are also lovely in combination with various decorative elements like colored eggs and Easter figures.

Easter home decorating ideas and crafts

easter ornaments foam egg paper flowers pins branches vase

diy spring easter home decorating ideas styrofoam eggs pins paper

easter home decor diy ideas easter egg tree ornaments

easter egg tree ornaments homemade ideas pebbles buttons cherry blossoms

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DIY Easter table decorations – Make original flower centerpieces

gold painted artichoke

diy spring home decor artichoke gold spray paint photo frame butterflies

Easter bunny garland

diy easter home decorating ideas crafts kids paper garland bunnies

Easter art idea

easter home decor wooden photo frame paper bunny pompom tail

Using Mason jars for kids treats

easter gifts home decor chocolate eggs jar

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 Easter egg ornaments

diy spring easter home decorating ideas egg ornaments pearls lace

white doily skirts

egg decorations doilies vintage style feather egg cup

paper leaves glued to leafless branches in a vase

diy spring home decor vase branches paper leaves pink newspaper

soft pastels are great for spring – turn glass jars into flower vases

diy spring home decorating ideas jars paint cover fabric

decorate your Easter wreath with pasta ribbons

diy spring easter home decor wreath pasta ribbons bunny buttefly

diy easter wreath ideas feathers pasta ribbons felt flowers