Egg-citing Craft Tutorial! DIY Giant Egg from Cardboard

Are you looking for a fun and creative activity to do with your kids? Or maybe you just want to unleash your inner child and have some fun yourself? Well, I have the perfect idea for you – making a giant egg out of cardboard!

Whether it’s for Easter, a birthday, or just a fun weekend project, making a giant egg out of cardboard is easier than you think! So grab your scissors, glue, and a dash of creativity, and let’s get cracking!

I recently stumbled upon this amazing tutorial on YouTube (link provided below) and I couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you. Trust me, this is a project that both you and your kids will enjoy, and the end result is simply egg-cellent (pun intended)!

giant easter egg diy from cardboard

Materials Needed for the Egg from Cardboard

So, let’s get started! First, you will need some basic materials – cardboard, scissors, tape or hot glue, and some paint or markers for decoration. Don’t forget some colorful wrapping paper to give your egg a vibrant look. You can also add in some extra materials like glitter, feathers, or stickers to make your egg even more unique.

Next, follow the step-by-step instructions in the video. It’s very easy to follow along, and the end result is a giant egg that you can proudly display in your home. It’s also a great way to repurpose any cardboard boxes you may have lying

Preparing the Cardboard Strips

Now, let’s dive into the crafting process. Start by cutting your cardboard into strips. The size of your egg will depend on the length of these strips, so feel free to adjust accordingly.

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For a really giant egg, consider using a sheet of cardboard that is about 180cm x 90cm in size. Cut the cardboard into strips measuring approximately 180cm x 70cm each. These larger dimensions will give you a substantial base to create your whimsical giant egg.

Roll up the strips to make them more flexible and easier to work with. Think of it like rolling out dough for a pie – smooth and effortless.

Shaping the Egg Halves

Next, it’s time to shape the egg. Tape or glue the ends of a cardboard strip together to form a circle, then attach another strip to create the base. Keep adding strips evenly until you have two identical halves. It’s like building a puzzle – each piece fitting snugly into place.

Once you have both halves of the egg ready, you can take your creation to the next level with the papier-mâché technique. Prepare wallpaper adhesive powder according to the instructions on the packaging. Then, start dipping strips of newspaper or toilet paper into the paste and apply them onto the egg. Aim for around four layers of newspaper, making sure to let each layer dry for at least 10 hours before applying the next one. This papier-mâché layer will add strength and stability to your giant egg.

Securing the two Halves together

Once you have your egg halves, it’s time to secure them together. Attach another piece of cardboard inside one of the halves, making sure it sticks out partially. This helps hold the two halves together nicely.

Filling the Giant Egg with Goodies

If you want, you can now fill your giant egg with goodies. Mini surprise eggs, candies, toys – the possibilities are endless! Imagine the excitement on your little one’s face as they uncover each hidden treasure. It’s like a mini treasure hunt, but with a delicious twist!

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giant easter egg made from cardboard strips

Decorating the Egg from Cardboard

Now comes the fun part – decorating!

Once you’ve finished the paper mache process, use acrylic paint to add color to the egg. Acrylic paint adheres well to the papier-mâché surface, allowing for easy customization and personalization.

If you’re using construction paper, cut it into strips and glue them onto one half of the egg. For a neater finish, overlap the strips slightly, like patching together a quilt. If you prefer wrapping paper, simply wrap a large piece around the egg, smoothing out any creases as you go. It’s like wrapping a present – except this one is a surprise within a surprise!

Finally, add some embellishments, maybe a ribbon or two, to make it truly stand out.

giant easter egg made out of cardboard for front porch easter decoration

Final Touches and Embellishments

You can also craft a simple stand for your giant egg using a sheet of cardboard and another strip formed into a circle. Cut the cardboard sheet into a square or rectangle to serve as the base of the stand. Then, roll up a strip of cardboard and secure it into a circular shape to act as the support for the egg. Place the egg on top of the circular strip, and voila! You’ve got a sturdy stand to proudly display your whimsical creation.

So there you have it, a step-by-step guide to creating your very own giant egg out of cardboard. It’s a fun and easy project that’s perfect for unleashing your creativity. So why wait? Gather your supplies and get cracking – your little ones will thank you for it!

But why stop at just one giant egg? You can make a whole nest of them and use them as Easter decorations or even for a fun photo shoot with your family. The possibilities are endless!

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Not only is this a fun and creative activity, but it also promotes recycling and using materials that you already have at home. Check out this wall shelf, as well. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your kids and create something together.