DIY Easter table decorations – Make original flower centerpieces


Host an unforgettable Easter brunch not only by preparing a delicious menu, but also by making original DIY Easter table decorations. Get creative and show your imagination! We are going to show you some wonderful ideas for flower centerpieces that contain the symbols of the Easter holiday and would definitely bring the Easter cheer into your home. This holiday is unimaginable without fresh flowers, symbolizing the awakening of nature after winter hibernation.

DIY Easter table decorations with egg shells, birch branches and hyacinths

used materials glass bowl egg shells multicolored hyacinth diy easter table decorations willow branches

You need: glass bowl (diameter – 20-25 cm), birch branches with fresh green leaves, five hyacinths in various colorw, pussy willow branches, green leaves, egg shells, jute twine, chicken or rooster toy, pruning shears, knife and scissors.

diy easter table decorations table flower centerpieces egg shells

Pour water into a glass bowl. Put in the water a sufficiently large egg shells – they first need to be rinsed well, otherwise they will quickly spoil the water.

spring floral arrangements birch branches easter table decorations diy

Use the thin branches with fresh new leaves to make a nest.

easy easter centerpiece bird nest spring table decoration

Bent the branches in a circle (diameter of about 15 cm.) and then twist the smaller twigs around the frame. Secure it well with jute twine. Do one more little wreath of branches or coconut fiber and lay it inside the large one to make your “nest” more natural.

glass ball-vase multicolored hyacinth diy easter table decoration

With the twine form a “grid” out of the pussy willow branches and lay it on the neck of the glass bowl. Insert the hyacinth stems through the grid holes so that they can reach the water. Gather them closer to one end of the bowl and place the nest on the other one. Secure it again with twine.

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flower centerpiece ideas yellow chick decoration diy easter table decorations

Place a hen or rooster figurine in the nest. Your Easter centerpiece is almost finished. But to give the composition a bright highlight use fresh green leaves in the least-filled places: throw a couple of leaves in the water and secure some of them among the willow branches.

original table compositions egg shells birch branches diy easter table decorations

The Easter flower arrangement in a glass bowl is ready! Put it on the nightstand, a sideboard or dining table. This decorating idea will immediately bring the wonderful atmosphere of the spring holiday into your home!

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DIY Easter table decorations with floral foam and quail eggs

used materials floral foam pillar candle quail eggs diy easter table decorations

You need: dark ceramic plate or tray with a diameter of 15-17 cm, Dendrobium orchids, waxflower twigs, purple pillar candle, floral foam, light fluffy feathers, quail eggs, floral wire, decorative purple wire ball, knife, scissors, pruning shears.

table flower centerpieces diy easter table decorations orchid arrangement

Soak the floral foam in water until it sinks to the bottom of the container. When it’s ready lay it on the saucer with the pillar candle. Stick in the oasis foam Dendrobium orchid blossoms and small waxflower branches.

wire ball purple white feathers diy easter table decorations spring handmade project

Fill decorative wire balls with white feathers.

wire decorative ball quail eggs diy easter table decorations

Put into the ball a few quail eggs by gently pushing away the wires.

diy easter table decorations wires feathers spring home decoration

Fasten the ends of the feathers with floral wire to make decorative stakes. Make 3-5 pieces. Excess length of wire should be about 7 cm.

diy easter table decorations orchid floral foam arrangement

Cover the floral foam from all sides with Dendrobium flowers and waxflower twigs. On the front of the saucer put quail eggs.

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quail eggs easter table decorations handmade spring project

Make sure that it looks equally well on all sides, because it will be placed in the center of the holiday table and not facing a wall.

diy easter table decorations decorative wire ball feathers eggs

Complete the centerpiece with the white feather stakes, decorative wire ball and quail eggs.

handmade simple table arrangements diy easter table decorations

Very beautiful flower arrangement in purple and white

diy easter table decorations quail eggs purple orchid composition handmade project

DIY Easter table decorations in green and orange

diy easter table decorations floral foam branch solidago red gerbera

You need: a small plant in a plastic pot with small leaves ( such as cress, hedera, saxifrages or others), a large yellow bowl, goldenrod sprigs, an orange gerbera daisy, green leaves, glue, marble chips, floral tape, floral wire, 10 quail eggs, floral foam, knife and scissors.

diy easter table decorations simple elegant flower arrangements centerpiece

Cut off a small piece of floral foam according to the size of the bowl. Shape it by cutting the bottom and corners. Soak in water until it sinks to the bottom of the container.

easter table decorations table flower centerpieces

Set the plant pot in the bowl closer to the edge. Fill the gaps with more floral foam pieces.

diy easter table arrangements flower centerpiece ideas

Wrap tightly the green leaves forming a cone and tape its tip on the wire. You need 10 pieces.

simple elegant flower arrangements centerpiece diy easter table decorations

In each cone on the wire stem glue one quail egg.

easter table centerpieces original flower decorations

Spread the marble chips on the floral foam until it’s covered.

easter home decorating ideas original compositions for easter table

Begin to add the elements of your arrangement: Insert the gerbera daisy (leave 5-6 cm long stem) and the goldenrod sprigs into the floral foam, as shown in the picture above. Just let them hang down sideways.

handmade easter home decor diy table centerpiece idea

Then cut off the excess wire with pliers and arrange the “bags” with eggs over the entire composition.

diy flower centerpiece ideas thin paper garlands arrangement

Complement your centerpiece with decorative elements coordinated with the color of the gerbera flower.

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