DIY Easter gift idea – Turning an egg in an incredible gift package

What would be Easter without Easter eggs, candy and bunnies? According to the tradition we often give chocolate rabbits and eggs as a gift. Therefore, we would like to combine all these Easter symbols in one lovely diy Easter gift idea for both kids and adults. How about to turn an egg into an amazing gift package? Let’s see how to do it.

DIY Easter gift idea – how to make a candy box from plaster egg

tissue paper easter project diy gift idea

With your hands crumple the tissue paper and open it. Repeat this step three times with the two sheets of paper. The salmon colored paper is for the inner side of the egg.

handmade decorating idea easter kids surprise

art egg paint decoration diy easter gift idea

Apply a coat of white glue on the outer area of ​​one half of the egg and glue the tissue paper on it.

diy easter home decoration gift idea

diy tissue paper gift idea craft project

Cut the excess paper with scissors but leave just a little so that you can cover the edges.

big colored egg project diy easter gift idea

Apply a coat of white glue inside the egg and glue the crumpled sheet of salmon colored paper.

easter kids surprise handmade decoration project

With scissors, trim the excess paper from inside the egg. Repeat all these steps to make the second half of the egg.

diy craft gift idea easter plaster egg candy package

Cut with scissors a piece of 30 cm colored sisal rope and attach it with hot glue on the outside of  the egg forming a circle. This part of the egg will be the base of our gift box.

easter gift plaster egg handmade candy box

Cut the edges of the decorative ribbon using scissors, apply hot glue and secure the ribbon on the edge to give it a finished look.

diy gift idea kids candy box surprise

diy gift idea big easter egg project

Make two holes on one side of the egg. The distance between the holes is 7 cm. On the opposite side of the egg wall make a single hole in the center.

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tissue paper handmade project diy easter gift idea craft

Place the two egg halves next to each other, keeping the two sides together and pass a piece of elastic through the holes, connecting the two parts of the egg. Tie a knot to secure.

diy easter gift project kids craft idea

Cut with scissors 20 cm of elastic. Join the two ends and tie a knot, forming a loop.

diy easter art gift project idea kids surprise

Pass the strap through the hole in the box lid, starting from the inside out.

easter gift make plaster candy egg box

On the other half of the egg we have to secure an orange acrylic bead to keep the gift box closed.

easter gift diy kids egg surprise handmade decoration

easter kids surprise home gift diy decoration

diy easter plaster egg gift idea festive kids surprise

Fill the egg gift box with chocolate and candy and put a small plush bunny in the center.

diy easter gift idea tissue paper package

Pull the elastic and close the box. Attach a big ribbon on top of the box to finish the gift.

diy easter gift idea little white bunny candy box

 easter gift idea tissue paper plaster egg candy package

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