10 DIY Easter craft ideas using styrofoam eggs – for adults

How to decorate polystyrene eggs? Use your sewing and embroidery, painting or flower arranging skills to create some beautiful Easter decorations and gifts using styrofoam eggs for your friends and family.

Warmer weather, spring colors and loads of decorations… Easter is coming! If you are someone who enjoys making your own Easter home decorations, we have a great collection of DIY Easter craft ideas for you. And what better material to use than styrofoam eggs? Not only are they inexpensive and easy to find, but they also provide a blank canvas for endless possibilities. So, grab your hot glue gun and let’s dive into 10 DIY Easter craft ideas using foam eggs that are perfect for adults.

How to paint Foam Eggs to look like Faux Porcelain Eggs

DIY Easter craft ideas styrofoam-egg-pink-ribbon-embossed-lines

You need:

  • large polystyrene egg
  • styrofoam or plastic ring
  • polymer clay or cold porcelain clay
  • pink silk ribbon
  • pink pearls
  • glue
  • tools for modeling
  • pink pearl powder paint or dry rouge

DIY Easter craft ideas styrofoam-egg-embossed-effect-materials




Cut the styrofoam egg in half. If necessary, smooth any unevenness with sandpaper. Wrap the styrofoam ring with ribbon and secure with hot glue.


Cover the one half with glue and cover it with the white polymer clay or old porcelain clay. Use the tools for modelling to make lines and dots on the egg surface.


Use pink pearl powder paint or dry rouge to highlight the lines and dots. Glue pink pearls into the small holes.


Glue the two egg halves together and tie a satin ribbon to cover the visible edges.


Simple Easter drawing – Cute bunny face


Paint face features on your Easter egg to give him a cute expression. You can substitute the styrofoam egg with a big goose egg or use handmade cardboard ears.

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To make this cute Easter bunny, you need:

  • styrofoam egg 750 g and ears
  • white styrofoam primer
  • acrylic paints
  • brushes
  • fabric scraps
  • pink satin ribbon
  • plastic or wooden ring for the base
  • hot glue
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Apply the styrofoam primer to seal the surface. Draw the face features with a pencil and then use the acrylic pains and fine paint brushes to finish the drawing.





Let the paint dry completely and then wrap the egg with pink ribbon.


Glue fabric pieces in the styrofoam ear forms and decorate with ribbons and faux roses.


Wrap the ring base with fuchsia-colored ribbon and put the egg on it.


Foam eggs decorated with sequins and beads


This Easter craft idea is suitable for children in preschool age, their parents and seniors. It develops kids’ imagination and individual creativity, self-reliance, hard work, fine motor skills, educate aesthetic taste, attention to the family and friends. Caution when dealing with safety pins and beads.

You need the following materials:

  • small polystyrene eggs
  • white beads
  • blue flower-shaped sequins
  • and pins.


The main idea of the project is stringing each pin first beads and sequins and sticking them on the egg to cover its surface. Start from the top or from the middle of the egg.


Be patient and keep accuracy when creating your masterpiece, continue to evenly distribute the pins on the styrofoam egg.


With the same technique, you can also make hanging ornaments for your Easter tree or Christmas tree.



Rainbow felt Easter eggs


You need:

  • styrofoam eggs
  • multicolored felt
  • scissors
  • pen
  • sewing chalk
  • pins
  • double-sided tape or glue.

Begin by marking the pattern on the styrofoam egg by using a pen or thin marker. Divide the egg into equal parts by the number of available colors of felt. In this case – 10 pieces in the same order they appear in the rainbow – from red to purple.


Now draw the pattern on paper. To do this, put a piece of paper (better if it is, tracing paper) over the egg, attach it with pins and outline one detail. Then transfer it on the felt in each color using sewing chalk or pen. Cut along the lines. Make the details a little wider than the paper pattern, it will give you an opportunity to trim them in case of a mismatch in adhering after placing on the styrofoam egg. It would be better to cut off the excess rather than cut out new details, if there is a small gap between the parts.

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Now pin the felt details on the egg with pins, as shown on the picture above. This is necessary in order to even our details, if they are too wide. If there is a gap between them, replace some parts.

Glue the felt pieces on the egg by using a double-sided tape or glue. Don’t forget to make a stand for your egg, as well. For this cut a strip of felt – about 1–1.5 cm wide, length depends on the size of the egg.

Decoupage styrofoam eggs with napkins


Decoupage is a simple decoration technique with an unlimited number of uses. It is suitable for decorating blown out eggs, as well. Styrofoam eggs are light and can be used as hanging ornaments.

You need:

  • decorative napkins
  • decoupage glue (you can also use diluted PVA glue or egg white)
  • a paint brush
  • and a thin ribbon.

One simple and expressive way of decoration imitates the Patchwork pattern. It is ideal for beginners: do not need to cut exactly, the pattern may be slightly crumpled, but it will not spoil the big picture.

Separate the top layer of the napkins, tear it into small pieces. You can select napkins with Easter motifs.


Glue is applied with a paint brush on the styrofoam egg. Lay the napkin pieces and smooth with the brush. Make some loops from the ribbon and attach it on the top of the egg, like shown in the picture:



Satin ribbon craft ideas – Artichoke Eggs


Make Easter eggs in the artichoke technique. It looks great, it is simple, and the foam eggs can’t be broken.



You need:

  • satin ribbons of different colors
  • tailoring pins or glue
  • and a styrofoam or papier mache egg.

Cut the ribbons into small pieces, fold it into triangles as shown and attach them continually on the egg base by using the tailoring pins. The photos show all the steps:



Show your embroidery skills


You need:

  • wooden, plastic or styrofoam egg
  • felt in different colors
  • multicolored thread and a needle
  • sewing pins
  • beads
  • and cord for hanging.
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First, you have to embroider your image on the felt and then to “dress” the egg in the felt. It is necessary to take the egg measurements and make sketches of your embroidery. Measure the “equator” and “meridian” and make a rough sketch. You need two pieces in the shape of the egg and a 1-1,5 wide piece, cm that equals the “meridian” in length.



Take the piece of felt that will be your background and secure it on the working surface in any convenient way for you. Or you can use an embroidery hoop. Trace the pattern onto the felt. You can start the embroidery.


First, cut out the details for the application, glue them in place and sew along the contour.

Remove from the hoop and cut out the egg detail. Align the centers of the embroidered parts and secure with sewing pins. Glue the centers of the felt pieces. Sew together the two pieces.

Crafting Faux Fabergé eggs


You need:

  • Styrofoam eggs
  • sewing pins
  • 6 mm satin ribbon
  • and various decorations like 4mm beads, sequins, flowers, etc.


Wrap completely the egg with the ribbon. The ribbon should be very taut, otherwise your work will simply fall apart. Every two or three laps, secure the ribbon with a pin at the bottom of the egg to keep it in place. Finish always on the “bottom” of the egg for the sake of good aesthetics. Decorate with beads and sequins.



Make a base for the stability of the eggs by using three pins with beads.


Easter table centerpiece with moss and spring flowers


Such a composition would be interesting centerpiece of the festive Easter table.

You need:

  • spring flowers such as eustomas, freesias, chrysanthemums, carnations, roses, moss, twigs of pussy willow
  • floral foam
  • big styrofoam egg
  • wooden skewers
  • floral wire
  • scissors and knife
  • hot glue gun
  • and floral adhesive.


First, we need to prepare the egg. Cut the styrofoam egg in two, cover each half with moss, and decorate with sprigs of pussy willow.

Then trim the oasis in the desired shape, soak in water and secure it between the two halves of the styrofoam egg with the help of wooden skewers. Fill the gap between the two parts with spring flowers.