Summer decorating ideas – DIY glass candle lanterns for your balcony

The refraction of light has been always enchanting. You can spend hours watching the colorful sparks of crystals in the sun, on the surface of the water, countless shades in the glare of colored glass. These amazing DIY glass candle lanterns will create magical effects on your sunlit balcony or garden. The perfect summer decorating idea using the sunlight and the womens love for jewelry.

DIY glass candle lanterns – Summer decoration for your sunlit balcony

hanging glass candle lanterns diy balcony summer decor

These hanging glass lanterns are made very easily and can then be used both during the day and night. You just need a little more patience, flexible soft wire (3-4 meters), pliers, wire cutters, transparent colored beads and jars.

DIY glass candle lanterns – Needed materials

glass candle lanterns needed materials

Cut a piece of wire about 20 cm long. Then strung a bead and again loop the wire through it – thus created a “link” to attach the other beads. On the remaining free piece of wire string a second bead and again loop the wire through it, creating a second link. Continue this until the piece of wire is over. Cut a second piece of wire and take it through one of the beads (like you are starting all over again), and tangle the end of the wire in the previous piece. When the second piece is over, cut off a third one and do it in exactly the same way. So you will shape the bottom of the lantern, but make sure that it is not too tight  or roo wide for the bottom of the jar. Then, with a simple change of the angle of knitting (simply bend the wire up), start to knit the walls.

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diy glass candle lanterns piece wire colored bead

And little by little our DIY glass candle lanterns will become a shape. Put the jar in the wire form and finish the end precisely at the glass edge. Then make the handle of the lantern with another piece of wire. It is better to be a little bit longer than 20 cm, so that it won’t be heated by the flame of the candle inside.

diy glass hanging lanterns beads wire loop
Do not worry if you make the wire mesh a little tighter – that’s the great thing about the wire – it can stretch. But do not overdo the stretching, you risk some of the first nodes to unravel and the jar to fall and break.

diy glass candle lanterns technique soft wire loop beads

And a little idea. WIth this technique you can make beautiful colorful pendants. Attach them to the bottom of the hanging lantern or independently to refract light and give off colored sunspots on your entire balcony.

diy glass hanging lanterns red beads wire mesh

diy hanging candle lanterns red beads pendant

diy glass hanging lanterns beads wire mesh structure

diy glass hanging lanterns jar beads

diy candle lanterns balcony magical sunlight effects

diy glass candle lanterns decoration balcony summer

glass candle lanterns colourful beads diy

diy candle lanterns sunlit balcony decorating idea

diy glass hanging lanterns tea candle jar

diy glass candle lanterns blue purple green beads

diy glass lanterns balcony sunlight reflections

diy candle lanterns hanging balcony idea

diy glass hanging lanterns night tea candle