DIY fall home decor ideas – 3 easy nature-inspired crafts


The autumn season give us attractive and inexpensive natural materials in rich colors and textures. Use leaves, fruits, pumpkins and nuts to decorate your home and create unique pieces of art. Have a look at these easy DIY fall home decor ideas that use only natural materials and basic craft supplies.

DIY fall home decor ideas – White & gold painted pumpkin

diy fall home decor ideas natural pumpkin decoration

Pumpkins are popular during the fall season and are used not only for cooking but as decorative items as well.

You will need:
– Small round pumpkin
– white acrylic paint
– Broad paint brush
– Paper plate or piece of cardboard
– Contour paint in yellow or gold color (if you can not find the contour paint, you can use a thin brush and paint)
– alcohol-based liquid for degreasing surfaces
– Paper napkins

1. Degrease the pumpkin by using alcohol containing liquid and cloth.

milky white color pumpkin painting diy fall home decor ideas

2. Paint the pumpkin in a milky white color by applying paint twice. Leave to dry between the coats so that the paint will absorb well and the color will be smooth.

diy fall home decor ideas random curls drawing gold contour paint

3. Draw random curls on the painted pumpkin by using contour paint. If you are not confident in your drawing skills, you can search the Internet for patterns and ornaments or use templates.

wooden platter autumn leaves decoration diy fall decor crafts

4. Place the pumpkin on a decorated platter, in a bed of autumn leaves (to keep the leaves fresh for long, apply wax on both sides).

DIY fall home decor ideas – how to make golden apples

fall home decor ideas diy crafts rub the apple with wax

During the autumn season in every home can be found ripe apples. You will probably use them to cook delicious pies or to make juice and jam, but we want to offer to make an unusual decoration for your home.

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You will need:
– Apples
– Wax or a candle
– Gold spray paint or any waterproof paint and brushes
– Contour paint in black (can be replaced with black nail polish)
– Masking tape
– Paper napkins
– Self-adhesive tape

1. Rub the apple with wax. You can use ordinary candles and a soft cloth.

diy fall home decor ideas autumn decorations for the home

2. Cut the apple in half. Wipe the inside with a paper towel.

golden apples autumn decoration diy fall home decor ideas

3. Tape the apples with masking tape, leave open only the inner surface of the apple pieces. Cover the work surface of the table with cloth and spray the two pieces with gold paint. Work with aerosol spray paint in a well-ventilated room or balcony.

diy fall home decor ideas draw small black seeds

4. Remove the masking tape. With black paint contour or black nail polish and a thin brush draw small black seeds in the center of the two pieces.

handmade golden apple diy home decor ideas autumn craft

5. Apples are ready! Nice to see the result.

DIY fall home decor ideas – autumn decoration with cinnamon sticks and rowan berries

diy fall home decor ideas rowan sprig cinnamon sticks

For decorating the candle you need:

– Jute twine
– 2-3 cinnamon sticks
– Small sprig of rowan berries
– Big pillar candle

Optionally you can add an autumn leaf, a greenery branch, pine cones, etc.

diy autumn home decor ideas white candle rowan sprig

1. Wrap the candle with jute twine in several layers (5 to 6 times), leaving the ends of the rope long enough to tie a knot and secure the cinnamon sticks or twigs.

autumn home decor easy fall craft ideas diy

2. Insert and secure the cinnamon sticks or other suitable branches, as shown in the pictures.

fall decorations for home autumn diy crafts cinnamon sticks

3. Slip under the rope a sprig of rowan berries. You can add other decorative elements such as an autumn leaf, as well.

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fall home decorating natural inspired diy ideas

diy fall autumn decor ideas using rowan sprig cinnamon sticks

 You can use a candle as a separate decorative element of the interior to create a romantic atmosphere and it may be part of an autumn arrangement including other autumn decorations. Combine with the golden apples and painted pumpkin created before.

diy fall home decor ideas golden apples decorated pumpkin