10 cute DIY fall decorating ideas with pumpkins


They are now glowing in all colors and shapes. You can find them in garden centers, flower shops and markets. Round or bottle-shaped, smooth or bumpy, from bright orange to dark green – the variety of pumpkins is enormous. These fruits still inspire us not only for cooking but also for decorating. Have a look at these lovely DIY fall decorating ideas that would bring the warm autumn atmosphere to your home.

DIY fall decorating ideas – Pumpkin faces

diy fall decorating ideas hokkaido pumpkins lemon thyme hair

You will need:
Hokkaido pumpkin with stem, lemon thyme in a pot, cords in red and orange, pink ornamental wire, ornamental apples, freezer bags, apple corer, black thumbtacks, all-purpose glue and a knife.

Cut off a lid from the pumpkin and scoop out the fruit with a spoon. Cut eyes and mouth by using an apple corer and a knife. Use black thumbtacks to resemble pupils. Cut off the stem from the lid and stick it on the front as a nose. Wrap the stalk with cords, secure with wire and hang the ornamental apple on the top. Pull a freezer bag over the pot of thyme and place the plant in the pumpkin. Finally, place the pumpkin hat.

DIY fall decorating ideas – Flower vases

diy fall decorating ideas ornamental mini gourds vases dahlias

You will need:
small round ornamental gourds, dahlias, sunflowers, vines (eg. of Clematis), a floral foam, foil, a spoon and a knife

Cut off the lids of the pumpkins, scoop out the fruit from the inside and line it with foil. Soak the floral foam in the water, until it sinks. Then place the foam into the pumpkins. Stick a flower in each pumpkin and wrap around with the vines.

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Pumpkin place cards

diy fall decorating ideas table ornamental pumpkin place card

The seating arrangements should be carefully considered and not be left to chance, so that nice conversations can emerge and no guest feels out of place. If completely strangers should seat next to each other on the table, you could help a little by placing these adorable pumpkin place cards. Simply attach the name tags to small ornamental gourds with a ribbon or yarn. This is done quickly and gives the table an autumnal touch.

Autumn table decoration: pumpkin candles


Transform the small red kuri squashes into candles that you can place on the dinner table.

What you need:
red kuri squash, wax, wicks, wooden skewer, empty tin cans, scissors, a sharp knife, a spoon

How to do it:
Cut and scoop out the pumpkin with a spoon. Choose the right angle so that the squash lies stable on a flat surface. Place candle wax in the tin can and melt it in a water bath. Cut the wick, knot it to the wooden stick and place it over the hollowed pumpkin. Then cast the liquid wax in the pumpkin and leave to set. Finally solve untie the wick from the wooden skewer and shorten if necessary.

Flower arrangement with autumn flair


What you need:
a red kuri squash, purple hydrangea flowers, rosehip branches, dahlias, freezer bags, floral foam, a spoon, a sharp knife

How to do it:
Cut and remove the lid of the pumpkin. Remove the seeds and the flesh with a spoon, down to a thin edge. Trim the floral foam to the proper size, soak it in water until it is fully saturated. Place the floral foam in a freezer bag and into the hollowed pumpkin. Shorten the flower and berry stems and stick them into the floral foam.

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Whether as a vase, a lantern or planter, the fall decorating ideas with pumpkins are countless. A pumpkin half can serve as a fruit bowl, as well. Use wooden skewers to make a small fence and twine leafless vine stems. Miniature apples are a distinctive eye-catching finish and give support to the vines.

fall decorating ideas diy-wine-cooler-pumpkin

This wine bottle cooler made of a hollowed gourd would be a funny eyecatcher for your Helloween party.

fall decorating ideas carved-pumkin-tealight-inside-tray-side-table-living-room

You can easily make this decorative pumpkin lantern with ornate motifs by using a template.

fall decorating ideas -diy-pumpkin-mushroom-cookie-cutter-rosehips

Use mushroom cookie cutters to carve the pumpkin and stick small rose hips inside the holes.


You need: a clay pot, a pumpkin, heather plants blooming in white, pink and purple, rose hips, pins, a waterproof marker and felt scraps.

Lay the pumpkin in the clay pot planted with heathers so that the pumpkin stem looks like a nose. Cut out felt pieces and pin them together with the rose hips on the pumpkin. Draw the eyelashes with a permanent marker. You can use some more heather twigs to make a hair for your pumpkin people.