6 DIY baby room decor ideas – Make hot air balloon themed baby nursery

The hot air balloon theme is unisex and perfect for both boys and girls. The soft pastels and the balloons symbolizing fabulous trips up in the clouds… this would be the perfect dreamy world for your baby. Be inspired by our 6 DIY baby room decor ideas that will complete the hot air balloon nursery in an easy and creative way.

 DIY baby room decor ideas with hot air balloon theme

diy baby room decor hot air balloon theme unisex boy girl


This night lamp is super cute! The base and the lampshade are lined with fabric and the balloons are tucked in a thin foam sheet.

 DIY baby room decor ideas – Night lamp with hot air balloons

diy baby nursery decorating ideas night lamp tutorial

 diy baby room decor hot air balloon night lamp lampshade fabric scraps

And this is probably the highlight of these cute baby room decor ideas. Amazing lamp like a hot air ballooon. With the teddy bear in the basket, your baby will always have a buddy to join you on an adventure around the world.

diy baby room decor ideas hot air balloon themed pendant lighting


diy baby room decor ideas hot air balloon teddy bear basket


hot air balloon themed nursery diy lamp teddy bear basket


Cuddly and cozy, these long pillows will adorn the nursery room and make the baby crib even sweeter.

diy baby room decor ideas hot air balloons long pillow

diy baby room decor pillow baby crib long ribbon


The cradle is a delight, but not as comfortable and warm as Mom’s lap. Considering that moment so special, make sure you have a comfortable rocking chair. Decorate it with this cute cushion with a picture of a mother waiting a baby.

 diy baby room decor rocking chair cushion pregnant woman picture

If you have an old bookcase that doesn’t match to the new baby room decor, you can easily give it a fresh coat of paint and decorate it with a lovely stripped wallpaper.

diy baby room decorating old bookcase stripped wallpaper


Nothing is more important for babies than a peaceful sleep. Sew a beautiful crib skirt with fabric scraps that matches the colours of all other items from the hot air balloon theme.

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diy baby room decor ideas sewing crib skirt fabric scraps

 diy baby nursery decor ideas sew baby crib skirt