Decoupage with fabric – How to decorate a wicker clothes basket

Are you tired of your boring wicker laundry basket? If you are in an uplifting mood and want to see pops of color everywhere in your home, then this is the perfect DIY project for the summer. Moreover, such baskets are usually light in color and if they get wet, grey spots on the surface can spoil their look. But don’t worry. You can easily renew your wicker clothes basket and transform it into a beautiful piece of art by decorating it with paint in bright colour and decoupage with fabric.

You need paint, acrylic or oil for wood products, and a piece of fabric with a cheerful bright pattern. Select paint colors that will blend and highlight the selected fabric for decoupage.

Decoupage with fabric – An old wicker basket with a new fresh look

decoration wicker clothes basket paint green hues

decorate old wicker clothes hamper orange green paint

Cut out the flower pattern

decoupage with fabric flower pattern wicker clothes basket

Lay on white glue on the fabric

decoupage with fabric wicker basket white glue pva
Glue it to the the wicker basket using a rag

decoupage with fabric wicker laundry basket flower pattern

Add another layer glue on it

decoupage with fabric wicker clothes basket with lid

For a more natural effect draw flower leaves with green paint in darker hue

decoupage decorate wicker clothes basket flowers
After drying, cover the entire wicker clothes basket with varnish

decoupage fabric flowers wicker clothes basket varnish

 Decoupage with fabric – The resultdecoupage with fabric wicker clothes basket green orange flowers furniture