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13 easy and creative decorating ideas for glass candle holders

Candle holders are great when it comes to decorating, because they set the mood. Candles are inexpensive and suitable addition to the home decor for every season and occasion. However, you can customize them with these creative decorating ideas for glass candle holders.

1. Decorating glass candle holders with colored sand


You can use sand colors that match the decor of the room or you can choose contrasting colors. Follow the steps as shown above and learn how to make decorative sand layers. Find out how to make colored sand at home, as well. DIY colored sand

2. Decorating glass votives with tape and spray paint


Add a new decorative element to your home – for your bedside table, to decorate the living room or to set the mood for a romantic dinner. The procedure is so simple and the votives so cute that you’ll want to make more of them. Have a look at the tutorial.

decorating-ideas glass candle holders tutorial-spray-paint-tape

You can try different patterns as well.


3. Colorful lanterns in paper

decorating-ideas glass candle holders paper-yarn

Make glass votive candles colorful by wrapping them in sandwich paper and tying round a raffia ribbon.

 decorating-ideas-glass candle holders paper-sandwich-bags

4. Glass candle lanterns with lavender

decorating-ideas-glass candle holders lavender-seeds-purple-pillar-candle

These lanterns are not only very atmospheric, yet they also smell amazing!

5. Decorating glass lanterns with pasta


The perfect decoration for an Italian themed evening. You can also use pasta in other forms such as cars or the good old alphabet pasta! If you have a bigger candle holder, you can just fill it up and place the candle inside.

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6. Decorating glass candle holders with lace ribbons


And this is how a  glass bottle and a candle colder got a romantic look!

7. Glass lantern with sea shells

decorating-glass candle holders-tea-candles-sea-shells

In search for sea shells? Here they are, as a decoration for marine glass lanterns!

 8. Glass votives filled with sugar sprinkles


9. Garden pathway lights


10. Making colorful dots with wax


11. Fall decorating idea – Filling candle holders and vases with legumes


12. Decorating with washi tape


13. Decorating with doilies


Plus two beautiful table centerpieces with flowers and floating candles