16 creative decorating ideas and crafts with clothespins


The universe knows no bounds when it comes to crafts and surprises us with a variety of fun designs and artistic creations that are available to all fans of creative decorating ideas on a budget.
You don’t have to be an expert in crafts nor spend too much time or money.  These crafts with clothespins are fun, inexpensive and easy even for the kids.

Crafts with clothespins for the table

crafts clothespins decorating ideas flowers napkin


Who has not some wood clothespins left somewhere at home? Reuse these like magnets for the refrigerator, place markers, embellishments and even for custom photo wall. Check out below all the fun decorating ideas and crafts with clothespins.

Crafts with clothespins

diy refrigerator magnets post it messages clothespins



diy old mirror frame family photos clothespins

 laudry room diy wall decor colourful clothespins silhouettes


diy message board frame clothespins wall decor


diy gift idea dreamy place florida clothespins

diy garden garlands crafts clothespins fabric roses blue white


decorating clothespins lace crafts vintage look


diy mirror frame clothespins decorating  idea


crafts with clothespins party table beverages tags



clothespins craft ideas family photos wood emroidery rings


ikea mini clothespins flowers wall decor photos cards

diy pencil holder colourful  clothespins idea

decorating clothespins fun kissing wedding couple


crafts clothespins name tags party glasses