Deck decorating ideas – How to plan and design an outdoor living space

Even a very small terrace can be planned and design in the most functional and beautiful way. What do you prefer? Pleasant communication? To show your culinary talents? Active gardening work? Each of these activities requires a special environment that will provide practical convenience and beautiful appearance. With these deck decorating ideas you can arrange the terrace, depending on your needs.

Deck decorating ideas for your outdoor room

deck decorating ideas bamboo rug couchtable planter succulents


Sure that your terrace set up for lots of fun long summer evenings? Turn it into a cozy living room in the fresh air! You will need:
• wrought iron or wooden armchairs or sofa + chairs ( with soft seat cushions);
• eco-rug made of sisal or bamboo;
• unusual elegant table, which you can build by yourself (large ceramic pot, 4 copper pipes and a round glass top with professionally finished edges, attached to the pipes with rubber linings and adhesive for glass). Plant succulents and plants in the pot and decorate with pebbles.
• candlelanterns, thatcan be hung on the tree branches or on a high fence around the deck
• ceramic pots with colorful flowers or fragrant herbs.

Deck decorating ideas with natural hues and materials

patio decorating ideas diy table planter glass top succulents

deck decorating ideas glass table planter succulents river pebbles


deck decorating ideas candle lanterns garden tree


deck decorating ideas fresh flowers container fresh colours


Love to entertain your guests and family, delighting them with food, cooked in the open air? You will need:

deck decorating ideas plan outdoor kitchen area

• Compact wicker dining furniture (table and chairs);
• Metal outdoor sidetable with three shelves
•  large wooden cutting boards with special grooves for mounting on the table top;
• 3-4 metal containers for tools, towels, dirty dishes and garbage;
• tin cans for herbs or utensils and tools.

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outdoor deck arrange furniture ideas gardening tools

deck decorating ideas garden tools storage

 deck decorating ideas tin cans herbs storage display

If your favorite activity in your spare time is gardening, then create a comfortable garden center on your deck. You will need:

deck decorating ideas gardening tools work table wood

• wood console table with drawers and bottom shelf (for outdoor use);
• stone countertop, that will protect the table from dirt and dust;
• Panel with hooks (for hanging garden tools ) or single hooks are attached to the side of the table;
• wooden or bamboo lattice or grid attached to the back of the table, creating a spectacular display and preventing objects from falling;

deck decorating ideas wooden table gardening tools drawer


deck design ideas side table wood stone countertop gardening


outdoor deck ideas side table lattice grid prevent falling objects


deck decorating ideas hooks gardening tools hanging


outdoor living design ideas room gardening grill