5 Styrofoam Wreath Ideas for Christmas using Fabric, Ribbons and More

diy styrofoam wreath twisted red fabric kitchen decor idea

Beautiful, lavish wreaths are one of the symbols of Christmas! Hanging a Christmas wreath on the door is almost as essential as decorating the Christmas tree. Therefore we want to show you 5 styrofoam wreath projects that you can craft at home.

What is a styrofoam wreath?

Styrofoam wreath bases come in green and white and in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you have white, you can easily paint it with acrylic paints. Before buying the styrofoam wreath base check out the exact size you need. There are different sizes available: 6 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch wreath rings. Because of its structure, styrofoam will not absorb water and so it is great for use outdoors.

cheap styrofoam wreaths cones decor natural materials

How to decorate a styrofoam wreath? The most common craft idea is covering the ring with ribbons, fabric or burlap and then gluing materials such as nuts, pine cones or Christmas ornaments. Keep in mind that the material is lightweight and is not suitable for lots of heavy insertions.

What to hang a styrofoam wreath with?

how to hang styrofoam wreath arranged with fir cones and burlap

You can use a simple ribbon or a thread to hang your wreath. But there are also other options such as a loop-shaped wire or a D-ring hanger with screws pictured above. They are usually used for hanging paintings, photographs, and drawings.

DIY Styrofoam ball wreath

styrofoam wreath christmas decorations silver and gold ball ornaments and candles

If you like decorations full of elegance and sparkle, make a wreath of silver and gold Christmas balls. Such decoration will brighten any room.

To create this Christmas ball wreath you will need:

• 12 inch styrofoam ring (30 cm)
• around 150–200 silver and gold Christmas balls in different sizes
• accessories to decorate the wreath, eg 20-30 pearl headed pins
• a hot glue gun

how to make styrofoam wreath for christmas with ball ornaments used materials

The most interesting effect is the combination of various ball ornaments: smaller and larger (3/16 to 2 inches ⌀), glitter and smooth, shiny and matte.

Step 1
Turn on the hot glue gun and wait a few seconds for the tool to warm up. Then apply hot glue on each ball and glue it to the styrofoam base. Cover the inner and outer walls of the ring.

making a styrofoam wreath gold and silver christmas balls how to fix

Step 2
Then, glue the baubles on the top to cover it completely.

Step 3
To fill the gaps between the Christmas balls use pearl headed pins. Thanks to this, the Christmas wreath will be even more elegant.

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shiny and matt christmas balls how to decorate a styrofoam wreath

You can add a ribbon to the wreath and hang it in the desired place, or you can put it on the table and add candles in the center. Such an ornament will illuminate the holiday table with a stylish glow.

Country-style Christmas wreath in white and red

diy styrofoam wreaths idea with red fabric and berries

You only need a styrofoam wreath and a beautiful gingham fabric to create a Christmas atmosphere in your home. The last touch: decorate the holiday wreath with bows and a sprig with berries.


– styrofoam wreath
– Vichy fabric
– old white T-shirt
– scissors
– needle and thread
– ribbon for hanging
– tailoring meter
– pins

styrofoam wreath diy recycled shirt fabric christmas craft idea

Step 1: Recycle fabrics

Cut strips from the t-shirt and the gingham fabric. Use the tailoring meter to take exact measures. From the shirt, cut three strips 4 inches (10 cm) wide with a length of 12 inches (30 cm) or more, the length is not essential; and of the gingham fabric cut several strips of 6 inches (15 cm) with the length of the fabric.

Step 2: Cover the foam wreath with fabric

Start wrapping one of the Vichy strips around the foam ring. So that the fabric does not move, you can secure it at the beginning with a pin. When finished, do the same with the following strips until the entire base is wrapped.

How to cover a styrofoam wreath with fabric

christmas decor ideas how to wrap a styrofoam wreath with recycled red fabric

Step 3: Secure with stitches

Place the Vichy strips so that they form a pleat. While doing so, decide if you want many or few folds because the effect is different. To finish off the last strip, make a fold from behind and secure with some stitches; no need to go through the foam.

christmas atmosphere red fabric styrofoam wreath decoration

STEP 4: Decorate the wreath

Tie the strips of the shirt to the wreath and make bows. If there are threads on the edges, sew a hem and iron. Decorate with a sprig with berries or wildflowers. Sew a satin ribbon on the back to hang the wreath.

styrofoam wreath projects using recycled shirt red fabric and rosehip twigs

To give a more sophisticated feeling to the holiday wreath, change the checkered fabric for velvet and make the ties with tulle strips.

Green Christmas Wreath

green ivy branches and apples styrofoam wreaths christmas wall decor

Enjoy the Holiday season by decorating your home with fresh greens.

• 1 floral foam ring (oasis) – 8 inch/ 20 cm in diameter
• natural ivy branches
• natural fir branches and berries
• artificial ornamental apples
• 1 metal wreath hanger
• hot glue gun
• toothpicks

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1. Place the wreath hanger in the center back. You can also use the wreath as a centerpiece by placing a candle in the center.
2. Dip the oasis in a bowl of water and let it sink and absorb the necessary water. Remove it from the water, drain it, dry the base and place it on your work surface.
3. Cut the branches in long and shorter twigs, and insert them in the floral foam alternating harmoniously until it’s completely covered. Use glue if necessary or insert the branches into the foam.
4. Put each apple on a toothpick, and insert them around the wreath. It looks very pretty!

Tip: You can substitute the artificial apples for natural ones, but the wreath can only last for about two weeks.

styrofoam wreaths materials natural ivy branches and red apples

Burlap Pinecone Christmas wreath

handmade styrofoam christmas wreath for front door decoration

Making this Pinecone Christmas wreath is very simple and even people without special skills will cope perfectly. Crafting is, after all, a form of therapy and relaxation, and it’s even more fun when doing it in a larger group.

Required materials:
• styrofoam ring
• pinecones and other decorations such as nuts, cinnamon sticks, star anise, baubles, beads, wine corks etc.,
• hot glue gun and sticks
• gloves to protect hands against contact with hot glue
• burlap ribbon and another one in red
• white acrylic spray paint (optional).

diy handmade styrofoam burlap wreath decoration with walnuts

• If you use styrofoam wreath, it is good to adjust the color of the base to the final color of the wreath. It didn’t matter here, because the wreath was painted all in white. If this wreath were to remain in natural colors, it would be better to paint it dark with acrylic paints or cover it with a strip of dark fabric.
• CAUTION: The hot glue heats up to very high temperatures and melts the styrofoam. Remember to protect your hands with gloves.

covering styrofoam wreath walnuts and cones decoration

1. Wrap the entire wreath with a burlap ribbon.
2.  If you want to hang the wreath on the door, screw the D-ring hanger at the back.
3. Start gluing the decorations on the wreath. First glue the larger objects (walnuts). Then fill the outer and inner edges of the ring with pinecones. Thanks to this, there will be no gaps in these places. At the end fill the remaining spaces with cones and paint the whole thing with white acrylic spray paint.
4. Add color to the composition with red berries and ribbons.

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easy to make styrofoam christmas wreath ideas cones nuts and bubbles

diy styrofoam christmas wreath white spray freeze effect

freeze effect styrofoam christmas wreath decoration brown ribbon

You can also make a mini Christmas tree using the same technique

styrofoam wreath freeze mini christmas tree diy handmade crafts with fir cones and walnuts

white and red ribbons how to make a styrofoam wreath with nuts and different color ribbons

how to make burlap styrofoam wreath with natural material decoration

Styrofoam ribbon wreath

styrofoam wreath with ribbon beautiful handmade craft idea

We have already shown you this technique in this post for Homemade Christmas tree ornaments. Now you can see how to implement it with a styrofoam ring.


– 12 inch Styrofoam base
– ribbons in two colors – 1 inch wide (2.5 cm)
– a large number of thin pins
– several sequins in the selected shape and color
– a ruler
– scissors

styrofoam wreath diy idea materials pins and colored ribbons

1. Start making the artichoke ribbon wreath by wrapping the ring with a strip of ribbon in the selected color and attaching it with pins (not forgetting to roll up the ends so that they do not fray). Pay attention to stretch the material evenly – it should adhere to the styrofoam as accurately as possible.

styrofoam wreath base start green ribbon wrapping christmas decorations

2. Cut the ribbon into rectangles exactly 2 inches (5 cm) long, possibly a few millimeters longer (the length cannot be shorter than the width of the trim multiplied by two). Fold the corners to create an isosceles triangle with a nice sharp tip.

diy christmas styrofoam wreaths ideas fish flakes ribbon folding

3. Tighten and smooth the edges of the triangle. Pin the triangles to the ring like in the pictures. Two opposite each other, then two more. In the same way, pin another 4 triangles of the same color. So for a belt of one color, use a total of 8 triangles.

styrofoam ribbon wreath how to wrapping tutorial

4. Proceed with a layer from the other color. Remember that the heads of the pins with which we attach the material should not be visible. When we get to the middle of the ring, stop and start again from the first strip, which was wrapped around the foam at the very beginning.

how to wrap a styrofoam wreath with colored ribbon fish flakes effect

5. The place where the triangles meet should be covered with a piece of ribbon so that the styrofoam doesn’t shine through. Now just prepare a smaller and larger bow and attach both on top of the wreath using a pin decorated with a sequin or bead to complete the decoration.

green styrofoam wreaths fish flakes effect decoration tutorial

Pruning, folding and pinning ribbons requires lots of patience, skillful hands and a few hours, but it is worth spending this time because, if properly made, the wreath really surprises with its festive beauty. Happy crafting!