Scandinavian Christmas decorations – 8 main features of this style


Christmas – it’s always a bright, happy and very important holiday. Millions of people are ready to make new plans, set goals and hope for good. Almost every home has a Christmas tree and other decorations that create a festive mood. In recent years the Scandinavian Christmas decorations have become especially popular, so today we would like to talk about how to decorate the interior in this style for Christmas.

1. Scandinavian Christmas decorations – Reindeers

colored knitted pillows scandinavian christmas decorations embroidered with deer images

The deer is a symbol of the Nordic winter and Christmas. They are often portrayed on a red background, often not too realistic, but this is even more lovely.

christmas decoration reindeer ornaments hand sewn pillowcase cozy christmas atmosphere

Choose blankets, throw pillows, tablecloths and textile curtains with reindeer pattern.

2. Christmas tree – the main symbol of the holiday

fresh cut christmas tree woodstock decorating ornaments rustic wooden table christmas arrangement

If you want to create a festive Christmas decorations in Scandinavian style, you just need a fresh cut Christmas tree. You can decorate it using garlands, wooden ornaments, candy, dried fruits and more.

handmade wire christmas kids room festive scandinavian decoration

gift cups arrangement christmas tree scandinavian christmas decorations

Remember that all this must look very natural and cozy. Scandinavian Christmas decorations do not tolerate excessive sophistication and luxury.

3. Christmas table setting – create a festive atmosphere

christmas table setting silver candlesticks large glass bowl light ornaments scandinavian christmas decorations white tablecloth

There is nothing that creates a sense of celebration like a festive Christmas table setting. It looks particularly impressive in silver.

christmas table decoration blue candles in silver candlesticks festive table setting white painted cones

Choose a set of tableware with snowflakes pattern or just plain-colored red plates.

4. Scandinavian style decorations – Christmas room decoration

kids handmade garlands scandinavian christmas decorations homemade cookies and candy

Christmas lights – a wonderful way to create a festive atmosphere at home. They can decorate absolutely any surface. Hanging on the wall, wrapped around a floor lamp, creating letters and patterns.

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scandinavian christmas decorations led garlands great shining star glass vase with wellow narcissus

5. Snow-white Christmas arrangements

snowy tree scandinavian christmas decorations full sack of gifts numbered white baby socks tree ornaments

As you may recall, the Scandinavian style welcomes the winter whites. And the Christmas decor is no exception. If you do not like bright colors or just thinking about what other color can be used for home decoration think about white – it will be a win-win option in any situation.

6. Scandinavian Christmas decorations – Christmas socks filled with gifts

nordic ski kit wall arrangement scandinavian christmas decorations big handmade hanging gift socks

Traditional Scandinavian-style knitted Christmas stockings are loved by children and adults alike.

7. Christmas gift packaging

cones fir branches scandinavian christmas decorations style gift packaging

If you’re carefully preparing for Christmas, you’re probably already thinking about buying gifts for family and friends. Most of these gifts are packed in a plain white paper but decorated with greenery and pinecones.

gift packaging arrangement kids handmade named cards scandinavian christmas decorations

8. Set Christmas mood with a ornate decor

red snowflakes wall decoration ornate fresh cut christmas tree candleholder on stairs

One of the best materials to enhance Christmas decor are evergreen branches. Place them everywhere – on cabinets, on a window sill, on the railing of the stairs.

scandinavian christmas decorations decorative christmas trees red snowflakes

Do not be afraid to overdo it – it’s Christmas time and only a couple of weeks you will enjoy this unusual and very attractive atmosphere – so allow yourself to feel the special all the time. Even while cooking.

black white contrasting furniture twigs wrapped in christmas lights scandinavian christmas decorations

Each of these ideas will bring joy to your home at Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Just remember – Scandinavian decor does not tolerate boredom – be original, bold and creative. Christmas decorations should bring joy to you in the first place!