16 easy and fun ideas for handmade Christmas trees

The Christmas tree is probably one of the main symbols of the winter holidays. But not everybody wants to drag a huge tree up from the market or has enough space in the apartment for a big and bright Christmas tree. Therefore we are offering you these charming ideas for handmade Christmas trees that are small but will definitely bring the Christmas spirit in your home. Several mini Christmas trees placed around the house would add a festive atmosphere. So get in your crafty mood and let’s have a look at them!

Handmade Christmas trees

handmade christmas tree ideas floral mesh wrap green

 The Christmas tree has a simple form that could be recognized even from small children. Just use a base with the same form either of paper or a styrofoam and the begin decorating with ornaments you like.

christmas handmade trees ideas white artificial rafaelo red ribbons

Edible handmade Christmas trees

handmade edible christmas tree fruits diy gift idea

Here you can find a tutorial on how to make a Christmas tree using citrus fruits and candy.

Button trees

handmade Christmas trees -wine-glasses-stem-foot-buttons

Very often our favorite wine glasses get broken. It’s a pity but you can still use the stem and foot to make these impressive Christmas trees. Decorate them with buttons and pearls and you’ll have the perfecti table centerpiece for your Christmas dinner table.


Materials: green acrylic paint, tape, cardboard, PVA glue, buttons, beads, ceramic modelling clay “Keraplast , wool or sisal in green.


For the tree structure use a cone made of cardboard, wrap it with tape, and secure with PVA glue for durability. Paint the cone with green acrylic paint. Wrap it in green sisal. Use the glue gun to decorate the Christmas tree with buttons and beads.

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Felt Christmas trees


Christmas trees usually have sharp needles. On the contrary, this Christmas tree is very soft and pleasant to touch.

Put together a few twigs and tie them with a cord. Secure them in the pot with a small with a piece of floral foam – a special porous material for the creation of floral compositions.


Cut the green felt in small triangles. At the bottom of the cone glue a strip of felt with a width of 2-3 cm. Glue the triangles, starting from the bottom of the styrofoam cone. The triangles should overlap.

Secure the styrofoam cone on the “trunk”. Decorate the Christmas tree with pins with colorful heads.

How to make Christmas tree at home with bottle


If you want to put on the table a small homemade Christmas tree you can make it out of a bottle of champagne, which is waiting for its New Year’s hour. It can also be a great gift if you are going to spend New Year’s Eve on a party with friends.


Take a sheet of thick cardboard paper. Fold the paper in a cone and try it on the bottle. If it fits well, glue the edges of the cone using hot glue gun. Cut off the excess paper on the bottom of the Christmas tree. Gather all 3 ribbons and glue the one end on the top of the cone usinghot glue gun. Wrap the ribbons around the tree and tape on the bottom. Finish the decoration with rhinestones, sequins and beads.


Wine corks Christmas trees

handmade Christmas trees wine-corks-acrylic-paint-rustic-appeal







Cotton Christmas trees

diy christmas trees idea cotton ribbons

diy christmas tree cotton mini bucket branch

 String glue Christmas tree

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handmade christmas tree tutorial christmas lights

handmade christmas trees pot different materials

Paper scraps

handmade christmas trees paper crafts kids

handmade christmas trees ideas unusual form peak

Felt scraps Christmas trees

handmade christmas trees felt pieces colourful

how to make mini Christmas tree at home with paper

handmade paper christmas trees easy craft projects

Coffee beans Christmas trees

handmade christmas trees coffee beans beads ribbons

diy felt christmas trees ideas stripes pins


handmade christmas trees white wool balls pearls

handmade christmas tree topiary green balls foam