10 Homemade Christmas gift ideas – Easy DIY projects for every taste

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving.. not only material presents but love, respect and warm feelings. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts for your loving people. They would also appreciate a small gift, that has been made with a lot of love and by your hands. Therefore, we are offering you 10 easy projects and homemade Christmas gift ideas that are small but will have a great impact.

Homemade Christmas gift ideas with sweets

homemade christmas gift ideas diy candy pyramid paper christmas tree

You need some inexpensive supplies, a little time for crafting and a bit of Christmas spirit. A cupcake, a bottle of champagne, gold wrapped chocolate candies – they all could become small Christmas messengers of your love and appreciation. Moreover, they will suit every taste – mini christmas trees for the wine connoisseur and chocolate lovers, a christmas flower arrangement for a hostess, a sentimental tree ornament for your sweetheart, an embellished clothes hanger for a fashionista, a small decorative ornament for the baby room and a young family and so on… Have a look at these great inspirations and get in a crafty X-Mas mood!

homemade christmas gift green paper christmas tree candy


homemade christmas gift idea tabletop tree gold chocolates paper cone


homemade christmas gift ideas champagne bottle organza christmas tree


homemade christmas gift ideas diy champagne bottle christmas tree organza


homemade christmas gift ideas diy jar sweets ball ornament pinecone


homemade christmas gift easy idea cupcake jar ribbons

Creative homemade Christmas gift ideas

homemade christmas gift ideas diy arrangement candle pinecones ornaments


homemade christmas gift arrangement diy materials


christmas gift ideas christmas candle arrangement fir branches


homemade christmas gift ideas project baby family photos tree rnaments balls


diy christmas gift ideas sweethearts photo tree ornament

homemade christmas gift craft ideas fashion lover pearls clothes hanger


homemade christmas gift craft ideas baby room purple decoration


homemade christmas gift baby room foam wreaths purple pin flowers