How to make Christmas centerpieces with candles – 3 Easy tutorials

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, and one way to make your home sparkle with festivity is by creating beautiful centerpieces with candles for the dinner table. Whether you prefer fresh or artificial decorations, round or long tables, single candles or more elaborate arrangements – there are plenty of ways to create gorgeous Christmas table centerpieces that will light up your holiday season!

Single candle Christmas centerpiece for a round table

round christmas centerpiece diy single candle


  • Pinecones: Either natural ones (to be prepped) or store-bought artificial ones.
  • Alcohol-soaked Cotton Pads: For cleaning natural pinecones.
  • White Vinegar: To give the pinecones a spa-like treatment.
  • Container: Choose a waterproof container, like a tin, for live branches.
  • Decorative Paper: In a color scheme of your choice.
  • Double-sided Tape: For securing decorative paper strips.
  • Floral Sponge: Cut to fit the container and soak briefly.
  • Floral Wire: For wrapping pinecones and creating structure.
  • Toothpicks or Floral Wire: To secure the base of the candle.
  • Candle: Choose a size and color that suits your aesthetic.
  • Evergreen Branches: Tiny ones for adorning the candle.
  • Beaded Wire: For bedazzling some pinecones.
  • Christmas Beads: To intertwine with branches and pinecones.
  • Acrylic Paint (Silver or White): For adding a wintery touch to your masterpiece.
  • White Glue: For the snowy effect on pinecone scales.
  • Fine Salt: To dust on the glued pinecone scales.
  • Glitter: Because holiday creations need a bit of sparkle!
  • Snow-kissed Berries on Floral Wire: For that nature-inspired bling.
  • Shiny Beads and Christmas Baubles: Extra flair for your composition.
  • Wire: To secure shiny beads and baubles.

Step 1:
Let’s start by prepping those pinecones. (You can skip this step, if you are working with artificial, store-brought pinecones). Give ’em a little spa day — wipe off the resin and debris with some alcohol-soaked cotton pads, then treat them to a hot vinegar bath for a few minutes. Once they’re all squeaky clean, lay them out to dry. If you’re feeling impatient (who isn’t around the holidays?), a short stint in the oven on low heat will do the trick. Just keep it cozy, we’re not baking them!

how to make round xmas candle centerpiece

Step 2:
Gather your materials for the masterpiece. Deciding on the color scheme can be a puzzle, but trust me, sticking to one palette will make your creation pop.

Step 3:
Time to pick a container for your centerpiece. Waterproof is the key if you’re working with live branches. A tin from your favorite cookies does the job nicely. Plus, it’s an excuse to indulge in some pre-holiday snacking.

Step 4:
Cut strips of decorative paper matching the height of your container and secure them with double-sided tape. Think of it as giving your creation a stylish outfit.

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candle christmas table centerpiece with single candle

Step 5:
Prepare a floral sponge for live flowers, cutting it to fit your container. Soak it briefly and plop it into your container like a comfy bed for your soon-to-be masterpiece.

Step 6:
Wrap your pinecones with floral wire, threading it between the lower scales. Twist the ends together for a snug fit.

Step 7:
Insert toothpicks or floral wire into the base of your candle. Now, place the candle in the center of your composition. We’re creating a holiday shrine, after all!

Step 8:
Adorn the candle with tiny evergreen branches. It’s like giving it a festive crown.

Step 9:
Time to arrange your pinecones. Some can even get bedazzled with beaded wire for that extra pizzazz.

christmas centerpiece ideas with candles

Step 10:
Intertwine your masterpiece with Christmas beads, weaving them around branches and pinecones. Tuck the ends under the candle, like a finishing touch on a gift.

Step 11:
Spruce it up (pun intended) with a touch of acrylic paint—silver or white works wonders. A little brush here, a little brush there, and voilà, instant winter wonderland.

Step 12:
For that snow-kissed effect, slather some white glue on the pinecone scales and dust with fine salt. It’s like giving them a snowy makeover.

single candle centerpiece diy

Step 13:
Sprinkle some glitter on those painted elements. Because, let’s be real, if it’s not sparkling, is it even festive?

Step 14:
Attach branches with snow-kissed berries on floral wire to the pinecones. It’s like nature’s bling hanging out with your handcrafted stars.

Step 15:
Toss in some extra flair with decorative elements: shiny beads, little Christmas baubles—secure them with wire for that extra bit of charm. And when the candle burns out, no worries! Swap it out seamlessly without disrupting your masterpiece.

diy small round silver candle centerpiece

Feel free to mix and match your decorative elements to suit your fancy. Go ahead, experiment, and concoct new holiday compositions using various natural materials! With a touch of imagination, you’ll whip up stunning candleholders that bring that festive magic into your home.

And here’s the secret sauce: infuse your creations with love and warmth. They’ll keep radiating good vibes for you and your loved ones long after the holidays have wrapped up. Wishing you a season filled with joy, warmth, coziness, and endless inspiration!

Christmas centerpiece with taper candles for long tables

how to make christmas centerpiece for long tables

If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your long holiday table, why not try making a beautiful centerpiece with taper candles? With our step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how easy it can be.

You’ll need:

  • Taper Candles: Choose the colors that complement your holiday theme.
  • El Nobilis (Nordmann Fir) Branches: Soft needles, bluish tint, and excellent needle retention.
  • Floral Foam: Oasis or similar, for providing support to the candles and decorations.
  • Basin of Water: For hydrating the floral foam using the float-soak method.
  • Tray: To display and transport your finished centerpiece.
  • Christmas Baubles: Festive decorations to enhance the holiday vibe.
  • Florist Wire: For attaching baubles and other ornaments to branches or the arrangement.
  • Sharp Knife or Scissors: For cutting stems, shaving wax off the base of taper candles etc.
  • Finishing Touch Decorations: Additional ornaments or embellishments for a personalized touch.
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diy long table centerpiece with taper candles

We recommend using El Nobilis (Nordmann fir) as they have soft needles that don’t fall off easily and retain their bluish tint even when cut. Start by hydrating floral foam with water using the float-soak method – lay the floral foam atop a basin of water until fully saturated (approx 2 minutes). Then place onto tray. Next, take each taper candle and carefully shave some wax off its base before sticking into wet floral foam – this will help them stay in place securely.

long candle centerpiece for dining table

Now add some festive decorations such as Christmas baubles; use florist wire for attaching these ornaments to branches or other parts of your arrangement if desired. Lastly, cut the stems of the needle branches at sharp slant slices like an arrow then carefully insert them into wet flower form until fully covered up; finish off by adding more decorations & finishing touches via florist wire if desired!

how to make christmas table centerpiece with long candles

And there you have it: one stunning centerpiece made from taper candles, perfect for bringing cheer & joy this festive season!

Star-shaped candle centerpiece with artificial decor

simple diy christmas table centerpieces

This star-shaped candle centerpiece with artificial juniper branches and pine cones is an eye-catching addition to any holiday table or mantle. The warm glow of the candle creates a cozy atmosphere that will make your guests feel right at home. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just want something special on display during your own family gathering this season, this unique piece is sure to be admired by all!

The beauty of adding artificial greenery into your décor is that they won’t wilt over time like fresh cut foliage would. Plus their bright green hue will stay vibrant throughout the entire season – no need for replacements! And what better way to add texture than using pine cones? Their rustic appeal brings in some nature inspired charm while still maintaining an elegant look overall.


  • Cardboard or Styrofoam Star – Choose based on your preference for the star base.
  • Decorative Paper Scraps: To fill and complete the star shape.
  • Burlap or Brown Corrugated Paper: For wrapping the lower and side parts of the composition.
  • Wine Corks (19 per star): To jazz up the sides. Slice them in half for stability.
  • Glass Candle Holder: Prioritize safety for a worry-free glow.
  • Sisal: For sealing edges and adding a textured finish.
  • Decorative Foliage: Juniper branches, pine cones, leaves, and nobilis for that woodland charm.
  • Pinecones, Acorns, Nuts: Natural elements to enhance the festive feel.
  • Acrylic Paint (Silver or White): For a snowy effect on pinecones and branches.
  • Brushes: For painting and applying glue.
  • Hot Glue Gun (Optional): For secure and quick attachment.
  • Spray Adhesive (Optional): For attaching decorative paper scraps.
  • Ruler and Craft Knife: For precise measurements and cutting materials.
  • Small Decorative Beads (Optional): To add an extra touch of elegance.
  • Cotton Ribbon with Musical Notes (or any decorative ribbon)
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Crafting out a star from cardboard? Now that’s DIY dedication! Fill it up with the remaining paper bits and seal the deal. If cardboard isn’t your jam, opt for styrofoam star (sold in different sizes) — it skips the hassle of stuffing.

Now, let’s dress this baby up. Hug the lower and side parts with burlap or brown corrugated paper, keeping the top open for that peek-a-boo effect. Time to jazz up the sides with wine corks. You’ll need 19 corks per star. Pro tip: slice them in half for extra stability. After all, who’s going to check if they’re whole or halved once the masterpiece is complete?

christmas decoration table centerpiece diy with cardboard

Glue on a glass candleholder because safety first, right? Light ’em up without fearing an unexpected bonfire.

Seal the edge with sisal, hiding those spots where the wine corks fall a tad short. Now, let the decorative foliage party begin. Artificial juniper branches, pine cones, and leaves — it’s like a woodland fiesta! If you’re into natural vibes, consider nobilis. This evergreen beauty doesn’t shed like your regular Christmas tree. Plus, it’s got those lush plastic-like branches, minus the artificial feel.

christmas candle table centrepiece diy with cardboard

Spruce up your Christmas creation with pinecones, acorns, and nuts. Just make sure your natural materials get a good drying session. Stick cotton ribbon with musical notes (or any other fancy ribbon you fancy) onto the wine corks.

Voilà! Your DIY centerpiece is now a festive star shining bright. The only thing left to do? Enjoy the cozy glow and bask in the glory of your craftiness.

These tutorials should give you all kinds of ideas about how to make eye-catching centerpieces this festive season that will bring warmth & cheer into any home during wintertime festivities 🙂