DIY Christmas yard decorations – Outdoor xmas gnomes from evergreen branches

outdoor xmas decorations diy nordic gnome figures made by pine branches

Scandinavian Christmas gnomes, also known as tomte, are magical creatures that radiate holiday spirit. Tomte is a little mythical creature that often lives in the attic or in the barn, looks after the house and the yard, averts disaster and brings good luck – if you are nice to him … Nordic gnomes are very shy. They pull their caps to far below the eyes, so they think they are invisible. There are many techniques for creating such charming figures – depending on the materials available and the intended placement. These cute gnomes are great as DIY Christmas yard decorations or they can sit on the porch to meet the guests and owners of the house. And they can be made in various sizes. One of the simplest options for creating these Scandinavian Christmas gnomes is from evergreen branches. Here are two tutorials that are fun and easy to do.

Nordic gnomes are great as Christmas decoration outside the house

Scandinavian Tomte made from evergreen branches and moss

Materials for the Christmas gnome yard decoration

• Evergreen branches – fir, juniper, thuja etc.
• Plastic flower pot
• A wooden stick that fits in the middle hole of the flower pot
• A small piece of wood
• Durable string in green color or thin wire
• For the gnome’s cap – moss, burlap or a red Santa hat.
• For the gnome’s beard you can use moss, twigs, faux fur, sisal, sheepskin etc.
• For the gnome’s nose best choice is a red Christmas ornament. Another option is a small potato.

homemade christmas decorations how to make forest gnomes from flower pots

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Turn the pot over and insert the stick into the drain hole. If there is no such hole in the flowerpot, you have to drill it. From the inside of the pot, attach the stick to the piece of wood. That will become the axis of the figure so that the gnome is stable.

diy christmas decor fir branches forest gnome figure tutorial

Then gather the evergreen branches around the stick and tie them firmly with thread or wire. It is better to wear gloves and clothes with long sleeves.

homemade christmas decorations pine branches gnome stable construction

Now make the cap of the gnome. If you choose moss (sphagnum moss can be bought at a flower shop), the cap will look more natural. To prevent the cap from merging with the “body” of your Christmas gnome, you can use another kind of branches – for example, juniper or thuja. A bright red fabric Santa hat looks also very stylish.

diy cheap christmas decorations forest moss for gnome hat

The Christmas ball as a nose adds a cheerful accent. To fasten it simply pass a piece of string or a wire through the eyelet of the Christmas ornament and tie it around the gnome.

pass a piece of string or a wire through the eyelet of the Christmas ornament and tie it around the gnome

large outdoor christmas decorations forest creature red ball ornament for nose

For the beard there are lots of options, as well. You can make it from silver Reindeer moss or a piece of wool. Perhaps you can use a piece of faux fur from an old hat, fur coat or a coat hood lying around? They would make a wonderful beard.

outdoor christmas decor ideas christmas gnome step by step tutorial


outdoor christmas decoration ideas red christmas tree ball for nose

And here is another option for making the major structure of the gnome. Take three wooden sticks and lean them against each other like an Indian Teepee. Tie the sticks together using a wire. After that you can begin attaching evergreen the branches until you get the desired density.

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Second option for making the body

Build a teepee from three wooden sticks to create the main structure

Tie the evergreen branches around the teepee structure to create the gnomes body

Create the gnomes hat from moss

Nordic Santa Gnome Tutorial Fiberfill beard and red nose


So, if you are are looking for easy and cheap DIY Christmas yard decorations, these gorgeous Scandinavian gnomes are the right thing for you! Gather some inspiration from the ideas below:

diy chrismas yard decorations festive gnome sitting on gabion stool

outside christmas decorations forest gnome with lantern on the porch

outdoor christmas yard decorations festive gnome with snow-white beard

front porch christmas decor coniferous branches small forest gnome

outdoor xmas decorations diy nordic gnome figures made by pine branches

diy christmas yard decorating ideas fir branches deer rudolph and santa

diy outdoor christmas decorations fir branches magical creatures

christmas decorations to make yourself handmade reindeer fir branches

christmas lawn decorations handmade forest dwarfs magical creatures

Scandinavian gnome Tomte with moss hat and beard used for outdoor decoration

christmas decoration outside the house yard front porch Nordic Gnome

DIY Christmas porch decoration cheam easy

christmas outside decoration ideas scandinavian gnomes

DIY Winter decoration for porch Scandinavian Gnome with potato nose

Christmas lights wrapped around Scandinavian Santa Gnome made from fir branches