DIY Christmas vase: How to arrange greenery and fillers in a tall vase

If you haven’t figured out how to deck the halls yet, fear not! Let’s start by whipping up a festive Christmas vase arrangement that’s so easy, it practically decorates itself.

If you’re still pondering how to spruce up your space for the holidays, here’s a delightful idea: let’s kick off the festive season by crafting a dazzling Christmas vase in enchanting shades of blue and silver. Crafting this beauty is not just easy; it’s practically a joyride. The best part? You likely have everything you need right at your fingertips.

large glass centerpiece with pinecones baubles and dried oranges as fillers

But here’s the magic — these colors aren’t set in stone. Feel free to sprinkle in your personality! If silver and blue aren’t your vibe, shake things up. Adjust the palette to match your taste or coordinate with your existing decor theme. And guess what’s coming up in 2024? The Green Wooden Dragon is set to rule the Chinese calendar, making green and gold a stellar choice that’ll look absolutely fantastic. So, go ahead, embrace the dragon energy, and let your creativity soar! After all, it’s your year, your style, and your celebration! For more vase filler ideas, check out this post.

diy christmas vase baubles greenery pinecones twigs

To create this stunning centerpiece, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A tall, see-through glass vase;
  • Christmas baubles of various sizes and other festive knick-knacks in white, silver, and blue;
  • Ribbons in shades of white, silver, and blue;
  • Artificial pine branches;
  • Dry branches from the nearby park or forest;
  • Pinecones, preferably cleaned and thoroughly dried.

To secure your holiday decorations, grab some hot glue or fine wire. I opted for wire — it’s like a DIY insurance policy. You can easily revamp the arrangement later, swapping elements effortlessly.

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The star of this show is the long, slender branches — some thinner, some chunkier. Paint the skinny ones (I went for birch) with white acrylic and sprinkle on some glitter for that extra oomph. Let them dry completely.

Clean and dry the thicker branches (I snagged some with gorgeous dark cherry bark) and cut them roughly to the same length.

how to fill tall clear glass cylinder vase with pinecones baubles and greenery

Fill your vase halfway with pinecones and small baubles.

Bundle all the branches together and pop them in the center of the vase. Hold the branches with one hand and start placing the pinecones and baubles around them. Thanks to the pinecones, the branches will stay snug, and you won’t need a Ph.D. in floral arrangement.

Once your vase is almost brimming with pinecones, add the artificial pine branches. Step back occasionally, admire your creation from afar—because, you know, everything looks better from a distance.

decorating a vase for christmas with ornaments ribbons and greenery

Now, let’s bling it up! Secure the baubles and pinecones with a thin wire. Wrap the wire around each bauble or cone and snugly fasten the loose ends around the pine branches.

Fashion a bow from the ribbons. Attach it to your arrangement with—you guessed it—more ribbon.

Throw in some dazzling silver and blue twigs, and crown the center with an angel (again, use wire to keep them in place).

Voila! Your handmade Christmas vase centerpiece is ready to shine. Now, find that perfect spot to display your masterpiece. And the best part? This dazzling creation is perfect for gracing your holiday table!

Wishing you all joy, creative vibes, and a Happy New Year! 🎉