How to make a DIY Christmas tree topiary with a gold glitter glamour


We present you a very beautiful DIY Christmas tree topiary – a lovely idea which you can try this year. Тhis little gem can be used as festive table decoration during the Christmas holidays.

DIY Christmas tree topiary – Golden glamour

diy christmas tree topiary artificial handmade souvenir festive table decoration

We will need the following materials :

  • 1 sheet of paper or cardboard
  • Wooden stick about 30 cm long
  • A glass or any other small container
  • Some cereal or rice (to add weight and keep tree from falling)
  • Sisal fibres
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Lace
  • Acrylic paint (white and gold)
  • Gold spray (it should be saturated, not transparent to paint completely the details)
  • A variety of beads, buttons, flowers, rhinestones etc. (all elements you want to decorate your DIY Christmas tree topiary)
  • Glue gun
  • Sponge
  • Scissors

diy christmas tree topiary materials glue gun acrylic paint golden spray lace beads rhinestones diy glass
1. Twist the paper into a cone, glue the ends
and cut off the excess.

christmas tree manifacture cone cardboard cutting handmade souvenir

2. Now take the wood stick, cover it with glue and wrap with the ribbon, beginning back from the ends by a few inches. These parts will not be visible.

wooden stick ribbon wrapping tree topiary base
3. Create your DIY Christmas tree topiary. Put a drop of glue on the inner tip of the cone and insert the stick. Hold for 30-60 seconds until fully glued.

christmas tree decor artificial gift idea cone stick gluing
4. Squeeze glue at the bottom of the small glass, insert the other end of the stick, and fill with rice or pebbles. Wrap the glass with lace and decorate with an old golden brooch.

decorative fir tree glamour cereal man made christmas decoupage glass

braid glass decoration diy xmas fir tree topiary

lace christmas tree application idea decoupage glass diy

christmas tree ornaments lace glass decoration diy hot glue gun

christmas tree topiary lace decoration rhinestone pebbles glitter glamour

5. Our Christmas tree is ready for decoration. Use a glue gun wrap the cone with white lace. This should not be perfectly flat, but with folds and small overlaps – this will give the tree an interesting volume.

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lace diy decoration cone artificial christmas fir tree festive table element

diy christmas tree lace festive table element
6. Mix white and gold acrylic paint to give our tree a pleasant colour. Use a sponge to cover the cone completely with the mixture. Wait until the acrylic paint dries.

acrylic paint preparation diy festive decor idea
7. Sprinkle a little golden spray on your DIY Christmas tree topiary. Do not forget to use a newspaper or something else for protection, otherwise you might make everything around you gold!

diy christmas tree gift idea sponge paint cone lace

DIY Christmas tree topiary – how to decorate

8. And now with the help of various decorations arrange your beautiful fantasy.

diy christmas tree topiary lace cone coloring gold spray

diy christmas fir tree embellishment rhinestones decoupage materials

diy christmas tree pebbles rhinestones decoupage materials gold spray painting

diy christmas tree topiary decoupage pebbles painting gold spray

9. Finally give the accents a gold glamourous look with the spray.

diy christmas tree topiary gold spray souvenir application idea

diy christmas tree topiary artificial handmade festive table decoration

Our Christmas tree is ready!