DIY Christmas decorations to add a special touch to our holiday home

Deck your home with a festive cheer because Christmas is just around the corner! You can easily invite the holiday spirit in you home by using these amazing DIY Christmas decorations. If you make your own decorations and tree ornaments, they would be way more special than these in the stores. You can also involve the whole family, especially the kids, in the crafting projects. These cute ideas feature inexpensive supplies but look great. Let’s have a look!

DIY Christmas decorations and crafting with kids

diy christmas decorations plastic bottle snowflakes

You can use shiny Christmas tree ornaments in every display. Just pick your favorite color and coordinate with other elements like flowers and garlands. These white lily flowers look great in the green ball ornaments, just like the red poinsettia stands out against the gold ornaments in the glass vase.

Follow the trend for upcycling and give a new life to old socks (as cute snowmen), plastic bottles (as snowflakes) and drinking straws (as gold stars on the Christmas trees).

DIY Christmas decorations following the upcycling trend

diy christmas decorations winter crafts snowmen made socks

diy christmas ornaments gold decorations stars drinking straws

diy christmas home decorations tree mesh christmas lights

diy christmas tabletop tree copper metal coil


diy christmas decorations holiday home orange roses centerpiece

diy-christmas-decorations-vase-red-christmas-ball diy-christmas-decorations-gold-ornaments-under-wine-glass





diy-christmas-decorations-candle-holders-lace-trim  homemade-christmas-tree-made-newspapers  diy-christmas-decorations-paper-christmas-tree-tutorial