DIY Christmas candle centerpieces – 40 ideas for your table

Everything looks differently in the warm candlelight, and candles always create a magical atmosphere. Therefore, don’t forget to include them in your holiday decorations. Today, we are going to present you 40 enchanting ideas for DIY Christmas candle centerpieces for your festive table. You can easily create a unique atmosphere in your home for the upcoming holidays by using your own hands and a these lovely ideas.

Types of candles


There are a variety of candles that can be used for DIY Christmas candle centerpieces, each with its own unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the most common and versatile types of candles to consider:

Pillar Candles: Timeless Elegance
Pillar candles are the classic choice for Christmas centerpieces. Their substantial size and extended burn time make them a favorite. With a vast array of colors, heights, and finishes, you can let your creativity shine. Use them as a centerpiece focal point or mix and match with other candles for a stunning arrangement.


Votive Candles: Delicate Charm
In the realm of delicacy, votive candles reign supreme. Encased in glass, these small wonders bring an elegant touch to your centerpiece. Arrange them in clusters for a warm and inviting glow. The variety of colors and scents available allow you to customize your centerpiece to match your unique décor.

diy christmas candle centerpiece dining-table-runner-evergreens-turquoise-tree-ornaments

Taper Candles: Sophistication Unleashed
Add a touch of sophistication with taper candles. Their long, slender shape creates a traditional and graceful aesthetic. Use them in pairs or trios to craft an arrangement that exudes elegance. Taper candles are available in various colors, including the classic Christmas hues of red, green, and gold.

christmas table centerpiece with three taper candles with long slender shape

Floating Candles: Whimsy in Water
For a touch of magic, opt for floating candles. Placed in shallow bowls or vases filled with water, they create a mesmerizing reflection, bringing tranquility to your space. With a variety of colors and sizes, floating candles offer endless possibilities for enchanting centerpieces. Check out these mesmerizing floating candle centerpieces diy!


Flameless Candles: Safe Elegance
If safety is a concern, consider flameless candles as a convenient alternative. Enjoy the realistic flicker without worrying about fire hazards. These candles come in various styles, from pillars to votives and tapers, and can even be controlled remotely for added convenience.


How to make a Christmas centerpiece with candles

diy christmas candle centerpieces white-pillar-candles-ivy

Here are some tips on how you can create your own unique Christmas centerpiece with candles:

1. Choose Your Candles – Start off by selecting different sizes and colors of pillar or taper candles to use in your arrangement. You can mix-and-match different shades of red, green or white depending on what color scheme you want for the rest of the room’s decorations.

diy christmas candle centerpieces dining-table-silver-branches

2. Pick Out Other Decorative Elements – Now that you have chosen which type and color of candle you want in the centerpieces; pick out other decorative elements such as pine cones, holly berries or even small pieces from last year’s holiday garlands to add more character into it all!


3. Arrange All The Pieces Together – Once everything has been selected, lay out each piece so they form an attractive design before actually placing them inside whatever container (vase/bowl/tray etc.) will be used as part of this table decoration masterpiece! Make sure there is enough space between each item so they don’t look overcrowded when lit up later on during evening hours too…

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diy christmas candle centerpieces green-pillar-candles-tree-ornaments

4. Light Up & Enjoy – Finally, once everything has been arranged correctly, simply light up those lovely little tea lights and enjoy their warm glow radiating throughout any area where these centerpieces are placed within one’s abode 🙂 It really adds something special to any holiday celebration when everyone gets together surrounded by these wonderful creations made specifically just for them. Here are three simple tutorials how to make a Christmas table centerpiece with candles.

DIY Christmas candle centerpieces – decorating ideas using natural materials


The table is where family and friends gather in the festive Christmas Eve. That’s why the table decoration and the centerpiece itself is an important part of the celebration. Many of these inspirations feature natural materials such as evergreens, pine cones, moss, different kinds of nuts, berries and others. Other emphasize on artificial embellishments like tree ornaments, felt snowflakes, ribbons, garlands and more. Look at these amazing wreaths and pick your favorite.

Wood slice Christmas table centerpiece with candles

diy christmas candle centerpieces table-wood-slices-rustic-appeal

Are you looking for a beautiful and unique way to decorate your Christmas table this year? If so, consider using wood slices as the centerpiece with candles. This is such an easy and affordable option that will give your holiday dinner table a rustic yet elegant look. Wood slices can be found at craft stores or online, and they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can make it fit whatever design theme you’re going for.


You could even use different types of wood to create an eclectic mix of textures on the table-top! Just add some tea light candles or votives around the edges of each slice to create an enchanting atmosphere while dining with friends or family during the holidays. Not only does it look great, but it also adds warmth to any room – perfect for cozy winter nights spent indoors by candlelight!


How to make upside down wine glass candle holders


Creating a beautiful and unique centerpiece for your home doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult! Transforming a simple wine glass into an elegant candleholder is the perfect way to add some sophistication and style to any room. All it takes is inverting the wine glass so that the stem holds a candle, creating an effortless yet chic display.

wine glass table centerpieces for christmas

To take things up another level, try grouping three of these inverted glasses together in varying heights – this arrangement adds visual interest while also creating symmetry in your decor. For extra flair around special occasions like Christmas, place small ornaments underneath each cup portion of the glasses for added festive spirit! With just one simple step, you can upgrade any space with elegance and charm – what could be better?

Christmas candle tray ideas

diy christmas candle centerpieces table-orange-gold-pillar-candles

One of my favorite holiday decor items are candle trays! They add a cozy, inviting atmosphere to any room and make great gifts too. Plus, they’re easy to make with a few basic materials like wood or metal trays, candles in various sizes and colors and decorations such as nuts or evergreens.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas candle tray ideas that will bring warmth into your home:

– Start by picking out three different sized candles in festive colors like reds or greens – these can be scented if desired as well. Place them on top of your tray in an attractive design along with ribbons wrapped around each one for added style points! Add pine cones or holly leaves between the candles for extra texture and sparkle from glittery spray paint if desired.

diy christmas candle centerpieces table-silver-pillar-candle-red-green-tree-ornaments

– For an elegant look, try using white pillar candles arranged symmetrically on top of your wooden tray base surrounded by greenery such as evergreen branches sprinkled with silver snowflakes (or other seasonal embellishments). Finish off the look by tying a big bow at one end – perfect for gifting too!

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– Finally, why not create something unique? Try arranging colorful votive holders filled with tea lights inside glass jars atop your metal tray base decorated with painted snowflakes all over it? This would definitely be sure to catch everyone’s eye when they come over during Christmastime!

diy christmas candle centerpiece red-pillar-candles-gold-sprayed-pinecones


How to decorate a glass bowl for Christmas


One of the most popular decorations during this time of year is a glass bowl with a candle in it as a centerpiece on your Christmas table. It adds an elegant touch that will make any holiday gathering feel extra special. If you’re looking for ideas on how to create this beautiful display, we have some tips that can help!

  • First, choose an appropriate sized glass bowl. You want something big enough so there’s plenty of room inside for all your decorations and small enough so it fits comfortably in the center of the table without taking up too much space or being overwhelming. Once you have chosen one, fill it with festive items such as ornaments, nuts, dried fruits, pine cones, holly berries or mistletoe leaves – whatever suits your style best!
  • Next step is adding lighting elements like candles or fairy lights around the edges – these will give off just enough light when everyone gathers around at night but won’t be too bright during dinner parties either.
  • Finally top off everything by placing some glittery snowflakes overtop which really bring out those winter vibes perfectly!

Christmas table wreath with candles


Table wreaths come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that will fit perfectly on your dining room or kitchen table. If you want something more traditional, look for classic evergreen designs adorned with red berries or pinecones. For something more modern, opt for an artificial floral design featuring poinsettias or holly leaves. And don’t forget the candles – they add just enough sparkle and light to make your dinner party extra special!

Christmas table centerpiece with candles and lights

diy christmas candle centerpieces table-white-pillar-candles-tree-ornaments

One of my favorite decorations for the holiday season is a beautiful centerpiece with candles and LED fairy lights. Start by gathering up some pillar candles in varying heights that complement each other – I like using silver candlesticks as they give off a warm glow once lit. Place these onto a table tray, then surround them with LED fairy lights; you can choose from white, multi-colored or even battery operated ones if there isn’t access to power outlets nearby. To complete the look, add small evergreen sprigs around each candle base – pine cones also make great adornments too!

For example, if you want something more traditional, try arranging pinecones around some battery-operated candles or small figurines like reindeer or snowmen surrounded by strands of white string light.

mason jars filled with led lights and ornaments table centerpiece

If modern minimalism is more your style, then consider using clear glass vases filled with different colored ornaments along with simple white LEDs inside each one – this creates an eye-catching display without being too overwhelming visually.

Finally, don’t forget about adding pops of color here and there throughout the centerpiece; little touches such as colorful ribbons wrapped around branches or red berries tucked into greenery will help bring everything together in perfect harmony!

Votive candle centerpiece ideas


When creating your own votive candle centerpiece, you can get as creative as you like! Start by selecting several different types of votives in varying sizes — from small tea lights all the way up to tall tapers — then arrange them on a tray or plate in whatever design suits your style best.

small glass filled votive candles arranged on a tray inside round wreath christmas table centerpiece

You can even use colored glass holders if you want something more eye-catching; reds and greens work especially well around Christmastime! Once everything’s arranged, scatter some pinecones or holly leaves around the base of each candle holder for added texture (and bonus points if they smell nice too!).

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four small glass filled votive candles arranged on a tray with frosted pine cones berries pine needles christmas table centerpiece

Finally, don’t forget about safety: always make sure there’s enough space between each candle so that no one accidentally knocks into them while walking by (or worse yet—burn themselves!)


Christmas flower arrangements with candles

white taper candles and red flowers christmas table centerpiece

Flower arrangements are always a great way to show off your style and decorate for any occasion. For Christmas you can choose from traditional red poinsettias or festive evergreens like holly or mistletoe. Add some sparkle by using pine cones adorned in glittering silver or gold accents. You can also get creative with other seasonal flowers such as lilies and carnations in deep shades of burgundy and green for an extra-festive feel.


Candles are another classic addition when it comes to making holiday decorations look even more inviting and cozy than usual! Place them around your arrangement as well as on tables throughout the house for an added bit of warm ambiance perfect for entertaining guests during this magical time of year. Whether you opt for tea lights scattered among greenery or tall tapers placed near larger blooms – there’s no wrong choice when it comes to adding candlelight into your floral displays!

christmas table centerpiece with red poinsettias votive and taper candles

Christmas centerpieces with floating candles

diy christmas candle centerpiece gold-floating-candles

One of the most beautiful and elegant decorations you can add to your table is a centerpiece with floating candles. Floating candles come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from an array of colors such as red, green, blue or even white depending on what look best suits the rest of your décor during this special season. The candles will be placed inside glass containers filled with water, which gives off an enchanting glow when lit up at night – perfect for gathering around after dinner festivities!


How to decorate pillar candles


Why not try decorating pillar candles with greenery? It’s an easy and affordable way to spruce up any room in your house. Plus, it looks absolutely stunning!

To get started, all you need are some pillar candles of varying heights (you can find them at most craft stores) along with some fresh evergreen branches or garland. You’ll also want scissors or wire cutters so that you can trim the greenery into manageable pieces. Once everything is gathered together, simply wrap the evergreen around each candle until they look like wreaths – make sure there are no gaps between sections as this will give a more polished look when finished. To secure the greenery in place use florist tape or hot glue gun if needed – just be careful not to burn yourself while using either one of these tools!

Finally finish off by adding small decorations such as berries and pinecones for extra sparkle – now your homemade Christmas decorations are ready for display!

How to decorate a hurricane candle holder for Christmas

candle hurricane with fresh cranberries and rosemary sprigs floating candles inside

Decorating for the holidays can be so much fun! This year, why not try something a bit different and create a unique hurricane candle holder centerpiece? With just some fresh cranberries and rosemary sprigs, you can easily transform an ordinary hurricane into something special.

To start, fill each hurricane with about two inches of water. Then add in your cranberries – as many or as few as you like – until the water is almost completely covered. Finally, tuck in several sprigs of rosemary to give it that extra festive look! To finish off this beautiful piece of décor, place one floating candle inside each holder for a truly stunning effect.

Not only will this centerpiece make any holiday table look spectacular but it will also smell amazing too! The combination of fragrant rosemary with sweet-smelling candles is sure to fill your home with warmth and cheer during these chilly winter months ahead.