DIY Christmas angel ornaments made of natural materials

Creative, but painstaking work – a wonderful way to relax with the family from the pre-holiday fuss. No porcelain and crystal! These lovely DIY Christmas angel ornaments are made only from natural materials. They float in the air, announcing the coming of holidays and real miracles.

How to make DIY angel ornaments for Christmas tree

small handmade christmas angel ornaments different type decorations natural materials

Acorn and beech nut shells could be easily turn into small hats for your figurine. Maple tree seed pods (helicopters) and bird feathers play the role of angel wings. For the body we can use pine cones, holly leaves and branches of juniper or thuja. For the forest dwarf ornaments we chose raw almonds (in shell). If you can not find any materials for crafts in the park, do not be afraid to experiment, choose your options.

Boy angel Christmas ornament

cute christmas angel ornaments with juniper twig and white feathers wings

Green body and white feather wings – turned out to be an airy and gentle angel ornament. Everything you need to create such a figurine is: Juniper greens, white feathers, as well as wooden unpainted beads and acorn caps. Feathers can be bought in craft shops and are available in a variety of colors.

beautiful tree ornament angel crafts using juniper twig and white bird feathers tutorial

On the stem of the juniper greens, apply some glue and secure a wooden bead on it. If the stem is peeking from the other end of the bead, shorten it. Let the glue dry. Then, put a blob of glue on the green needles and stick two white feathers. Allow the wings to dry well.

Tip: Make sure that you have two feathers that are suitable in size, color and shape for the wings of each of the angels.

elegant angel christmas ornament made from juniper greens and feathers

On the front of the angel’s body glue a hornbeam seed pod (Carpinus betulus) or any dried flower. At the end, secure the acorn cap on the head.

elegant angel christmas ornaments created from fir cone and white feathers

For the angel’s body you can also use a small cone, such as douglas fir cone. Secure the feathers on the back side of the fir cone.

To make the beautiful white angel take one large and two small feathers. Secure the two feathers to the back side of the large feather. Decorate the body with a small detail, for example a dried sedum stem.

diy christmas angel ornaments made by acorn caps and bird feathers wings

Rustic angel ornament for Christmas tree

home decoration using lump of hops and acorn shells vintage christmas tree angel ornaments

The body of this cute rustic angel ornament is made of European Hornbeam seeds. If you can not find this type of tree seeds in your area, you can take hops seeds. When starting to work, be very careful not to break off individual leaves.

You need:

• gold powder
• wood glue
• unpainted wooden beads of different sizes
• thread for hanging the ornaments
• paint brush
• fine liner and scissors

cheap christmas angel ornaments tutorial lump of hops acorn shells needed materials

Hurry to find the acorn caps in the forest, before everything is completely covered with snow. Apply glue on the twig and thread the wooden bead. Let dry. Secure the acorn cap on the bead using glue. Draw a face using marker with a fine tip.

how to make homemade angel christmas ornaments draw a face with marker

Cut off a piece of thread and tie the ends to a knot. On the back of the head, apply a drop of glue and press the knot to the head of the angel. Allow to dry. In the end, sprinkle gold powder on the angel’s cap using a brush.

how to make angel christmas tree ornaments apply gold powder on the acorn shell

DIY Christmas angel ornaments using alder cones and golden hair

craft christmas angel ornaments diy small dancer with alder cones and golden hair

This angel looks like a small dancer because of the dried inflorescence, resembling a lush skirt with a tulle border.

To make such an angel, you will need:

• dark brown alder cones
• collected in winter dry inflorescences of meadow umbelliferous plants such as Chaerophyllum or Heracleum plant.
• raffia yarn
• lametta tinsel Angel Hair
• a wooden bead for the head

easy to make angel christmas ornaments diy home decoration using natural materials
Using raffia yarn and holding the dry inflorescence upside down secure two alder cones. Wrap the yarn several times crosswise before making a knot. The ends of the twine should look like a belt. Apply glue on the remaining part of the stem and put a wooden bead on it, leaving a small area for the “neck”. Allow to dry.

baby angel ornaments for christmas tree using wavy ringlets of golden wire

Take a small amount of lametta tinsel and form with your fingers a small tight ball. Apply a blob of glue on the “hair” and secure it to the head, firmly pressing until all is set and dry. At the end, draw a face and attach a loop of yarn for hanging.

Little forest dwarf – handmade Christmas angel ornaments

rustic angel christmas ornaments handmade cute almonds forest dwarf

A cute forest dwarf in the company of angels? Why not! The body consists of raw almond in a shell, on the head it wears a hat from a beech nut shell. In addition, you will need:

• a piece of colored felt fabric
• fleece yarn
• small flowers of garden plants (e.g. Anaphalis)
• wooden bead for the head
• Wood glue and scissors

boy angel christmas ornaments diy forest dwarf made by almonds

From felt cut a small strip –  it will become a cloak for the dwarf. The length of the strip will depend on the size of the nut. Apply a drop of glue on the almond in front (the pointed end should be facing upwards), wrap it with a strip of felt fabric, overlapping the ends. If necessary, apply a second drop of glue. Press well and hold for a while until the glue dries.

vintage christmas angel ornaments how to make little forest gnome

Place the flower on the lapel of the cape and secure it with glue. To make a head apply some glue in the beech nut shell, insert a wooden bead and press it. It’s best if you leave the parts to dry for the whole night. The next day, draw a face and glue the head to the pointed end of the almond. After that, the ornament should dry for a few more hours. At the end, tie a small scarf from a fleece yarn around the neck of the dwarf and attach a string loop to hang the figurine.

DIY Christmas angel ornaments made with maple seed pods and holly leaves

homemade christmas angel ornaments using wooden beads and holly leaves

Decorative, white variegated holly leaves (Ilex Aquifolium), for example the variety ‘Rubricaulis aurea’ is ideal for  making the body of an angel ornament.

holly leaves acorn shells diy christmas tree ornaments natural materials

You will also need maple seed pods, wooden beads and acorn caps. Using scissors cut off the part with seeds so that only the wings of the helicopters remain. Glue the parts on the back of the holly leaf. As soon as the glue dries, you can put your head on the leaf petiole. And ready!