6 creative and unusual DIY advent calendar ideas for adults

Just one week till 1st of December we offer you some very special tutorials for 6 creative and unusual DIY advent calendar ideas. If you are a fan of Christmas crafts but you are running late with the advent calendar crafting, these six easy-to-make and inexpensive ideas will come in useful to you.

Traditional Advent Calendar made of plastic cups and stickers

diy christmas crafts homemade advent calendar ideas cheap

This idea is ideal to make with the kids at home. The used materials are very easy to find: plastic cups, candy, toys or chocolates, Christmas themed scrapbooking paper. The step by step is very simple:

plastic cups with candies advent calendar ideas for kids

plastic cups kids christmas craft cheap children's advent calendar ideas

Nordic Style Advent Calendar ideas

diy christmas decoration hanging cups advent calendar

cupcake molds with candies inexpensive advent calendar ideas

The Scandinavian style is characterized by its simple design and natural touch. To create this advent calendar you need following supplies: Muffin paper cups, black ribbon and mini wooden pegs.

First, transform the paper cups into cute baskets, as shown below.

diy christmas decor idea with cupcake molds

cute cupcake molds childrens candies advent calendar ideas

Then, using a marker write a number from 1 to 25 on each wooden peg and clip it on a cup.

hanging cups for gifts simple christmas advent calendar

Glass vase Advent Calendar

christmas motivation wishes workplace non toy advent calendar ideas

This is definitely an unusual but simple idea for a xmas advent calendar. The used materials are: a clear glass vase (this one is from Ikea, model Pomp), number stencils or stickers, spray snow and removable spray adhesive, chocolates or small toys, craft paper and double-sided tape.

glass jar snow spray decoration tutorial mini advent claendar craft idea

glass jar snow spray decoration christmas awesome advent calendar

unusual advent calendar diy jar snow spray decor craft idea

Modern Non Candy Advent Calendar

holiday crafts diy christmas tree non candy inexpensive advent calendar ideas

This advent calendar is great for work or study groups. It is about creating an advent calendar among the whole group with motivational phrases, so that the days till Christmas go by fast and better. The used materials are: a cardboard cupcake stand, paper, twine, white spray paint and snow spray.

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christmas motivation wishes diy christmas tree modern advent calendar ideas
Advent Calendar ideas with scrapbooking paper

diy christmas crafts homemade advent calendar ideas

If you are a fan of scrapbooking, then you are going to love this advent calendar design. The materials used are: scrapbooking paper from the Pink Paislee c’est la vie collection, double-sided tape and number stickers. The 25 cards are glued on a transparent methacrylate sheet.

handmade scrapbooking christmas advent calendar ideas

christmas modern advent calendar idea with scrapbooking papers and stickers

What do you think of these advent calendar ideas? What style do you prefer? Traditional, modern or nordic?


DIY hanging Advent calendar

hanging selfpackaging cupcakes gift boxes creative advent calendar ideas

This one is a very simple and decorative calendar. As you know, inside the boxes you can put whatever you like. The most typical things are sweets, beauty products, small gifts etc. However, this year you can opt for something more sentimental. Ask your boyfriend to put two pieces of paper in each box. One for you and one for him. Day by day, we can 25 things that you like about each other. It seems like a good idea to remind yourself why you love each other so much. And the best thing about this DIY is that it can be totally personalized! If you like this Scandinavian advent calendar and would like to make an equal one for your home, do not miss the next step by step tutorial.

make your own nordic style gift ideas diy hanging advent calendar

– wooden beads
– cardboard paper or ready pillow shaped jewelry gift boxes
–  burlap twine
–   rubber stamps with numbers + black and red ink (from the craft store). You can also write the numbers by hand or use stickers, templates etc.

nordic style reusable advent calendar ideas christmas day stamp

Stamp the numbers so that one of the box peaks shows downwards, as can you see on the photo. For all boxes from 1 to 24 use black ink. On the 25th mark Christmas day with red ink. Fold the box as shown in this video and repeat with all the boxes for the advent calendar.

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reusable advent calendar tutorial diy christmas wishes boxes craft idea

Cut a piece of string (about 30 cm or 12 inches) and make a thick knot near one end. Put that end by the upper “point” of the box.

christmas decor idea mini advent calendar wishes boxes

Put the messages or gifts that you have chosen in the boxes. Close the box according to the assembly video, the string should stay at the top peak. Inside the box, the knot will preventing the rope from escaping, if we pull it.

advent calendar tutorial diy christmas wishes boxes awesome craft idea

wooden beads selfpackaging cupcake christmas decor idea

Cut a much longer piece of string. Taking into account the length of garland that best suits for the room where you are going to place the calendar. Make a double knot at one end leaving a small “loop” that will serve to hang the garland to the wall.

wishes boxes diy nordic style christmas advent calendar ideas

Start stringing the wooden beads until you reach the chosen length. Make a double knot with a “loop” at the other end of the garland. Attach the boxes to the garland, make a knot always at the same distance. In this example they are at 13 cm, but this can vary according to the dimensions of your calendar. Ensure that all the boxes hang at the same height.

handmade diy wooden beads wishes boxes christmas decoration

unusual advent calendar ideas for home from selfpackaging cupcakes

Get our advent calendar ready to give you wonderful surprises every morning until Christmas day!